Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great Ride

great ride with the Lising brothers. We started on Embarcadero, passed the Golden gate, through Saulsalito and made it as far as Tiburon. The weather was awsome but that's not the highlight. Because the Amgen Tour prologue is tomorrow, a lot of Pro teams were on the road. We got side by side (as close as 1 foot) with the guys from team Discovery headed by big George. We tailed them all throughout the Golden gate bridge. And, we also chatted with their closest rivals. While we were taking a breather, team T-Mobile was asking for directions. I think this is as close as we can get to meeting these pros. Not a bad day on the road. :-) Here's a photo with the Lising bros and some of T-Mobile's crew. Wish all the siclistas were there to share this once in a lifetime experience. Good ride!!!!