Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mines Road to the Junction.

What: Mines Road to the Junction.
Where: Livermore Library - 1188 S. Livermore Ave.
When: Sunday, September 18, 2001 Meet at 8 and roll by 8:30AM

approximately 60 miles with 3k ft -

last time we did this was 7/4/2010

Saturday, September 10, 2011

4th Siclista Classic

4th Siclista Classic Sept 10 2011 Sat.
View of Siclista KOM Summit Finish at Sierra Road, San Jose Category 1 Climb.

OUR formal invitation to Tropa, Luzvimin, F.A.C.T., AdoboVelo, MiraMesa, TracyRiders, RoadBikeReview, Bgy.NorCal, B.A.B, SacramentoPinoyRiders & all pinoy cyclists and friends.

4th Siclista Classic.
Mark this on your calendar: Sept 10 2011 Saturday.
risk pace 16-20mph Fun ride. Optional KOM Race: Starts at the bottom of Sierra Rd. to summit finish. Trophies for the top finishers for King, Queen & Above50 Categories
Siclista Fiesta after the ride at Fremont Central Park. Ride Route:
This is a figure 8 loop. 54.3 miles, Starts clockwise from Mission Blvd. to Niles Canyon Rd. Calaveras Rd., Turn left counter clockwise Piedmont to Sierra Rd. Felter, Calaveras, right on Evans to Fremont. Roll Time: 8:00 Sharp.
There is an option for those who doesn't want to do the Sierra Category 1 Climb, from Calaveras turn right to Evans and follow route sheet to Fremont Park.
We also need headcount of riders attending so we can estimate our food preparation, please use comment section for your group headcount. We really appreciate if you can.

To get directions to Fremont Park: Open link below & click "Get Direction" enter where you from, then Go. Find lodging: click "Search nearby" enter "lodging" then Search.
Link to: Fremont Central Park 1200 Stevenson Blvd Fremont CA 94538

Ride Route Map (View larger map for details)

View 4th Siclista Classic in a larger map

Siclista Classic IV

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It's that time of the year again that we are looking for a few good men. A commitment from these few good men is all we need to get the ball rolling for our 4th Siclista Classic.
Target date is September 10 2011 Saturday after Labor Day.

Meeting about our Classic IV logistics this Sunday 07.31.11 at 12:00noon after the short ride. Member who can volunteer please come.

w/ Roger100 Anonymous100 Du100 Gonzalo80 JunB50 Mel50 FrancisN50 Larry50 Daniel40 Benjie20 TonyF40 Mel(chg)30 TonyC50 = $760.00
Exp: MtMike126 cash tip10 Benjie147.02 RxLstem60 DAcechain48 Ultchain35 20tubes50 PartyCity10.81 FedEx4.76 MtMike58.09 Costco100.95 Peets14 Michaels7.19 Lucky4.33 = $676.15 B83.85

w/ Ruel100 Corky100 Dennis50 Eric40 Manny20 Elmer20 Robert's20.87 Funds331 Subhash1oo Ron20 = $801.87
Exp: Mel520 Mel(chg)30 = $550.00 B131.87

AS of 09.13.11
Received Total $1561.87
Expenses Total $1226.15
Balance $335.72

Covered expenses: Martin for volunteer 2, Cesa
r for volunteer 3, Ren for volunteer 6 & Mar for volunteer 7
Please check our Classic Logistics posting below.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Classic Logistics

Logistical reference from last year Classic:
(Volunteer option to buy any logistics somewhere else if cheaper & convenient.)
1. Volunteer #1
At any Costco
volunteer to buy and cook (hard boiled 5dox eggs.
18695 chinet lunch plate $12.89
740338 90z. cup $8.99
58601 ks napkins $8.99
12648 ks cutlery 8.99
229445 hefty bowl $7.99 Total $52.52 w/ tax
also at Costco:
8691 5dz. large eggs $5.69 &
hard boiled
4 boxes 34423 cookies 24 ct @ $6.49
Total $34.65 w/ tax for sag 1 vehicle

2. Volunteer #2 Martin*
Party City:
1289 Veterans Blvd Redwood City CA 94063 Ph.6503638824
volunteer to buy
4pcs. 54x108 red table cloth @ $1.69 Total $7.40 w /tax

3. Volunteer #3 Cesar*
Alpine Awards :
1150 Whipple Rd. Union City CA 94587 Ph.5104293838
volunteer to order & pickup
1pc. trophy: TBTR-0182B w/ red column cycling figure (1- 1st men) $16.00
3pcs. trophies: TBTR-0113C w/ red column cycling figure (1-2nd men, 1- 1st women, 1- 1st 50 above) @ $7.60
1pc 2" gold victory medal rwb neck ribbon @ $5.40 TOTAL : $54.31 w/ tax

4. Volunteer #4 Mel

Little Manila: 6180 M.Jarvis Ave. Newark CA 94560 Ph.5104941206
volunteer to order & pickup
Medium Large Lechon w/ choice of 5 dishes Total $550.00

5. Volunteer #5 Benjie
At any Safeway
volunteer to buy & provide cooler with ice for the park
3@$2.78 Refreshe water 24ct $8.34 + CRV $3.60
15 @$2.99 soft drink 12pk $44.13 + CRV $9.00 Total $77.49 w/ tax
6. Two Volunteer #6 Ren*
At any Asian Store, Smart & Final
2 volunteers to cook the rice to fill foam cooler each
1bag three ladies rice 25L $18.99

2@$5.79 foam cooler $11.58 Total $33.47 w/ tax
7. Volunteer #7 Mar
Island Pacific:

marinade pork chop for BBQ
1 bag charcoal $7.49
40lbs@$0.69 banana $27.60 for sag 1 vehicle
30lbs@$1.27 pork chop $38.30
1btl. vinegar $0.99
1 cup minced garlic $ ?
need some salt & pepper too.
1 alum tray for grilled pork chops $3.19 Total $84.95 w/tax
8. Volunteer #8 Benjie
Who can ...
bring cooler with ice for sag 1 vehicle
8 (1gal) Gatorade 5 (1gal) Refreshe water at Safeway Total $ 65.00?
9. Volunteer #9
Chain Reaction:

will buy giveaways for raffle
20pcs.@$2.50 tire tubes $50.00,
2pcs @ 30.00 10spd chain @$60.00 Total $120.45 w/ tax
10. Volunteer #10
lend some tables and chairs
11. SAG #1 Jack Larry JunB
will bring the food & drinks to Calaveras false summit & Sierra Summit.
12. SAG #2 BobbyG JohnnyBoy
bring pump & tubes for flat repairs
and as tail end sweeper
13. Marshals #1 Ed
who will organize Sierra KOM start line
14. Marshals #2 Jack Larry JunB
who will record top finisher time at Sierra KOM finish line
15. Marshals #3 Wally
who will watch the park while the ride is going on.
16. Volunteer #11 Martin
who will come 6am to manage the registration

Gentlemen, you can volunteer for two non conflicting assignments like volunteer #1 & Marshals #3.
Any donations and potlucks, specially desserts are very welcome.

Bgy.NorCal is donating a Lechon.
Jun Valdez will bring homemade ceviche. Wally will bring some desserts (biko, cassava etc.) JojoC will bring some food too. For breakfast Vill will bring lugaw, Corky donated puto bongBong
Reminder for:
Sag 1 - cooler for ice, 5gal jag for gatorade, cookies, bananas, hard boiled eggs, 5 (1gal) water, folding table
Sag 2 - pump, tires, & tubes, cooler with water, first aid kit.

Thank you for your support & donation to Siclista Classic IV.