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Death Ride 2009 Report

The Death Ride is least for this year. We had new participants to the ride - Anklai, Jed, Niel and Cici. This was Cici's first major long ride with major climbs and descents. JohnnyBoy drove Cici & I down to Markleeville for the start of the ride. Niel, Jed & Anklai started from the campground.

On the 1st climb up Monitor, near the top, Anklai & Jed caught up with me and we regrouped at the top of Monitor. They proceeded down the backside of monitor while I waited a bit for Cici. She never showed up; so I proceeded down the backside of monitor for pass number 2. The descent down Monitor is always a thrill. I hit 52 mph! The bike wanted to go faster, but I figured that was already fast enough. Down at the bottom, I scanned the row of bikes looking for Cici and could not find her. So off I went up the backside of Monitor. Two miles into the climb, I see her descending. Since this was Cici's first ride that involved major climbs and descents, I made it a point to be with her for the duration of the ride so I turned around and descended to regroup with her. During my descent I caught a glimpse of Niel heading back up Monitor. I regrouped with Cici, and we are off to Ebbetts.

While ascending Ebbetts, I see Anklai and Niel about half way up Ebbetts. Niel sheds his camelback and gives it to Anklai to bring down. We regroup at the top of Ebbetts & take a few pics. Cici has accomplished her goal of 3 passes, Niel & I coaxed her into going for 4 since she's already there. She agrees, and we proceed down to the Hermit Valley for the 4th pass. Niel immediately turns around, after receiving his 4th pass sticker, on his way to his last pass. Cici and I take a break; then march on to climb back up Ebbetts. Cici is pretty much near her limit. Hints of cramps are starting to show and she is forced to stop and rest. She is a trooper and makes it up to the top of Ebbetts where I have a cold V8 waiting for her and treat her to a massage. Since there was no line for the massage table, I decided that I could use one too!

We make it back to Markleeville where we are greeted by our cheering family and treated to some ice cream!

Congratulations to Anklai, Jed & Niel for doing 5 passes and to Cici for surpassing her original goal of 3 by adding 1 more!

Ready to go!

Jed & Anklai at Monitor

BobbyG & Anklai at Monitor

I finally found Cici!

Niel at the first water stop of Ebbetts

Cici at the top of Ebbetts

BobbyG at the backside of Ebbetts

After Cici was done...I couldn't resist! years entry?

2009 Death Ride Highlights

Death Ride highlights:

• First of all, I’d like to thank BobbyG and family for campsite accommodations and the wonderful food.
• Riders were Cici, BobbyG, Anklai, Jed, Bongsta, Rich and Niel.
• We started off from the campsite to Markleville at 4:30am with lights and windbreakers.
• Anklai and Jed took off at the beginning of the first climb and I never saw them until I started my third climb and they were coming down from their fourth pass.
• Saw a couple riders on elliptical bikes and a few mountain bikes on slicks.
• The highest rider number that I’ve noticed was 3500… a lot of riders on the road.
• I have never consumed so much cyctomax, cliffbars and cliffshots in one day.
• There were a couple of accidents, one at Ebbets and one at Carson pass.
• I struggled in the first and second pass due the weight of the camelback which I was able to offload to Anklai on his way to his fifth pass. The weight change made a big difference on my next climbs, I actually passed some people up.
• Fatigue set in on the fifth climb, coupled with cold rain and strong winds made the ride more challenging and discouraging. Thought of turning back occur in my mind, but I had to dismiss it. Got to finish…one more pass…
• The descents were awesome. The views and speeds of 50+mph were exhilarating.
• Anklai was the first 5 pass finisher from our group, followed by Jed who rode with a fever. Finally, I, finished around 6:30 pm.
• BobbyG completed 4 passes only because he got too comfortable at the massage table and missed the last cutoff time.
• Cici targeted to complete 3 passes and she ended completing 4 passes…good job.
• Bongsta and Rich missed the cutoff time too probably because they started late.
• What a Ride!

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Giro de Barkada

Luzvimin said...

inform ko lang kayo, cancelled ang giro d barkada ngayong july 25th, we still planning and looking for a date, it should be late august or early september, will keep you posted. thanks

Zed said...

Mark your calendar!
July 25, 2009
3rd Annual Giro de Barkada Metric Century
Stockton, California
Contact info:

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Death Ride 2009 Entry

Fellow Siclistas, we still have one Death Ride entry available up for grabs. Anyone interested in participating let me know. If you want to try a challenging ride, now is the time!