Thursday, January 24, 2008

Siclista Rides (under construction)

Default Rides ... * = meeting place approx #miles
Siclista Ride #1 * Alvarado Niles Train Station 29 - Niles Canyon, Palomares, 5 Canyons
Siclista Ride #2 * Newark Java 44- Dumbarton, Edgewood, Canada Rd, Whiskey-Sand Hill
Siclista Ride #3 * Jollibee - Mission Blvd, Crow Canyon, San Ramon, Dublin Canyon
Siclista Ride #4 * Jollibee 30 - Paseo Padre, Cherry, Boyce-Cushing, Grimmer, Warm Springs, E Warren, Mission Blvd, Niles
Siclista Ride #5 * Alvarado-Niles Train Station 39 - Calaveras Loop clockwise
Fremont weather *** rain cancels ride. we'll go and eat tapsilog instead

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PAKSIW rides
50 Miles * REI - Around Fremont
Kings Mountain * Page Mill / 280 36
Calaveras-Palomares loop * Alvarado-Niles Train Station 57
Primavera Metric Century * Logan High School 61
Giro de Barkada 1 * Lake del Valle 70
Lake Chabot loop * Lake Chabot - Redwood Rd. Pinehurst Skyline Blvd. *work in progress
Pleasanton to Lake del Valle *Abbie St - 16 miles 1way
JolliBee to Pleasanton/Livermore * JolliBee 50
Dumbo to Woodside * Newark Java 48

Canada > Kings Mt. > OLH * 92/Canada 38 / 4k
Canada > OLH > HiWay 84 and back > Skyline > Down Kings Mt. * 92/Canada 42 / 2k
Canada > OLH > Alpine > Junipero > Arastadero > Sand Hill Loop * 92/Canada 55 / 4.2k

Diet Lechon rides - miles/feet
Edgewood > OLH > HiWay 1 > Tunitas Creek Loop * Edgewood\Canada 44 /4.5k

Edgewood > OLH > Alpine > Joaquin Loop * Edgewood\Canada 34 / 3.7k
Sierra-C Wall-Welch * Golfland in Milpitas 47/6.5k - Sierra to Welch Creek
Pleasanton to Mines Road/Junction * Abbie St - 37 miles 1way / 4k - 1/2way Backside of Mt. Hamilton
125miles 13k feet - * ughhh - Death Ride training route

Sinigang Rides
Milpitas > Calaveras > Felter > Alum Rock > Crothers * Golfland in Milpitas ride to start of map
Penitencia > Alum Rock park > Mt. Hamilton * Penitencia Creek 44 /

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saved Comments


JoMo said...
can i suggest for a change this 2008? if possible, let's try to keep the roll time accurate, that way, it'll be fair to all early birds, kung pwede lang naman,salamat...jomo

Rodge said...
I agree. The last ride was a very long wait for the early birds. So! for 2008, the time gap between meet time and roll time should be 30 minutes maximum. When its roll time we will roll. If there are rider who needs more time to gear up come early, that is why I always do. And if you are riding to get to the meeting place give yourself enough time. We will turn off our cellphone for Juan dela Cruz.
Kasabihan: Huli man at Magaling, Huli pa Rin. Kaya Sori Ka na Lang, Iwan Ka ;(

Jack said...
yup, I agree. kung may mahuhuli, either hahabol na lang or intercept the group. I am guilty for being late this weekend. I really didn't plan to ride pero medyo nasungkit ako na lumabas :)
sorry mga panyero, next time roll na when the time comes. yong cell phone, i'm not sure if it's a good idea to turn it off kung walang naka set na route. kung planado na ang route, pwede na sigurong i-turn off. bahala na ang mga late kung hahabol o i-intercept.
baka pwede pagusapan ng masinsinan sa next ride.

Jack said...
Multiple rides and Saturday rides ???
should we post it sa blog?
'cmon guys... post up kung ano ang say ninyo. or any ideas that you might have. This is a healthy discussion for the group.
thanks JoMo for opening this up.

JohnV said...
Thats a perfect comments on the ride time. be on time so it will be fair for those who come on time instead of waiting. lets do it for 2008.ride safe and be healthy.

Rodge said...
Turning off the cellphone for Juan dela Cruz, exaherasyon lang yon. Juan dela Cruz di ka na mabiro. pero seryoslee we have to be more tardy. Limit the time wait to 30 minutes. Post Saturday and Multi rides. Di natin alam kasi yong iba kailangan maaga para makauwi agad, yong iba naman mas gusto late. Kung may mapagpipilian e di mas ayos.

Manny Dex said...
since we got this friendly exchange going, may add one small suggestion - can the upcoming ride be posted at least 3 days ahead (by thursday/friday at the latest) para for those who may need to arrange babysitting, or for the out-of-towners who may need to coordinate carpooling) mahirap din kasi yung last minute post, nagiging "reactive" yung grupo instead of being able to plan for the ride..just my 2 centavos;-)

Cesar said...
I agree to all of the above.

Jack said...
anything else that needs to be discussed?
2008 uniform? new design and bibs?
$$$ - pondohan natin kung o-order tayo ng bago para hindi maipit yong $ ng financer?
Rodge, baka pwede mong i-save 'tong thread na ito.
Manny, okey ang suggestion mo. the only problem is sino ang mag se-set ng day and time. kailangan natin ang ride planner/leader. somebody has step in for this since Jack can't do it............. yet
mga napagkasunduan na from 2007:
- anonymous postings without a sig gets deleted.
- ride cancellation the day of the ride.
- ?
*** kung meron akong na-miss, paki post na lang.

JohnV said...
I agree to manny's suggestion and who wants to post the ride for sunday he will lead or give some info on the ride like the one we usually do.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Email from Frank Bautista & Re:

----- Original Message -----
From: Frank Bautista
To: Siclista
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 6:38 PM
Subject: Siclista

Puwebe bang makisali sa grupo?(cycling). Nandito lang ako sa Fremont..

You're very welcome. Bukas punta ka lang sa jollibee 730am.
Check our link for our ride, Show and go ito.

---- Original Message -----
From: Frank Bautista
To: Siclista
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 8:12 AM
Subject: Re: Siclista

Thanks...I can't do it today.
Is this is a regular schedule, every Sunday?
How about the other days? Have a good ride...

Normally, We are weekend warriors lang. Ako sunday lang nakakasakay and if i have time sumasakay din ako ng weekdays to train and keep myself fit so i can keep up with them, pero bihira lang, lalo na ngayon winter sobra lamig nakakatamad. Yong iba ganoon din althought some do ride more during weekdays. In short mas marami nagkakasamasama on sunday. Iba iba ang meeting place depende kung saan pupunta at sino nag post ng ride we rely on the blogspot for information of the schedules at madalas weekly basis. Kung wala naman nag post nagtatawagan na lang then last minute na yong posting, gaya kanina na post yong ride, gabi na kahapon. kaya Show and Go ito. Anyway nabangit ko na rin sa grouppo about your email na gusto mong sumama sa ride. ganoon din lang kami nagsimula, mga gusto lang may makasama kaya your very welcome. This group is all about bike ride at biruan lang. Ang siryosa lang dito ay yong training so we can keep up with the stronger riders at for the health benifit din. Wala kaming officials kaya lahat cabo lang :( althought we have our jersey kaya parang totoo groupo :)

----- Original Message -----
From: Frank Bautista
To: Siclista
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: Siclista

Thanks for the info...I will check on the website for ride schedule.
Ang hirap kasi pagwalang kasama sa bike, nakakatamad kung minsan.Walang kakuwentohan sa daan.
See you soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tony Fuji's Manila Trip

Tony Fuji Cycling Friends in Manila. Dec 2007

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ipagdasal natin na sana ay manalo ang mga Pinoy na kalahok sa WORLD CUP ngayon Friday sa ADT VELODROME sa Los Angeles! Good Luck to our own Victor Espiritu and Steve Pelaez!
para sa detalye: