Monday, April 30, 2007


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From: Luis Bugay
To: Siclista California
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 2:22 PM
Subject: Hello from LuzViMin USA Racing Team

First and foremost, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Luis Isidro Bugay from Lathrop Ca. and a member of LuzViMin USA Racing Team fro Stockton Ca. I would like to invite your team to our socia/race event within our fellow Filipinos who has passion or frequently rides bicycles.
This event is really a "Get-to-Know" other Filipinos and hopefully we can all ride as ONE big Family promoting cycling with other Filipinos. So far we have invited LuzViMin USA, Bicycle Chef/APAC and My Tropa to participate in this social event. I am hoping to include Sinokami Siklista soon and will be appreciated.
Once again, this is an event exclusively for us...So please join us so we could all meet and get to know one another.
yours in cycling
Luis Bugay

A friendly cycling competition among Fil-Am Cyclists in Northern California Promoting brotherhood and camaraderie among Fil-Am Cyclists Giro d’ Barkada “The concept is simple,” according to Luis Bugay who initiated this event, “Use cycling to promote brotherhood and unity among Fil-Am cyclists in Nothern California and at the same time promote the importance of health benefits from cycling.”
The race of truth! Club Sanctioned Road Race 120 kilometers July 21, 2007 Climb the dreaded Patterson Pass and the Del Valle Lake Hill! No SAG and Follow Vehicles allowed! Cash Prizes for the top 3!
Assemble at WalMart in Tracy, California. A neutral speed to Grant Line Road where the official start will begin.A route map will be provided at the race day.Ride with Philippines’ Living Legend Manurel Reynante 2 Times Tour of the Philippines Champion
What awaits at the finish line: KALDERITANG KAMBING! KOREAN BARBEQUE! TURON! and more...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mt. Hamilton 29Apr07

Mt. Hamilton Post-ride (please share your pictures..)

It was a blast coming up and down Mt.Hamilton as we planned - Rodge, Jack, Rodge_M, Benjie, John_M, Elmer, BobbyG, JohnnyBoy, Manny, and of course the honorable Tony Madone were all in full gear. The day started a bit cloudy, but the sun broke through eventually. A couple in the group have great pictures to share on this fun ride, and overall as a group consensus, we've rated this as one of the tougher rides with close to 19 miles to the top from Alum Rock (with about 16 miles of total climbing). It's not the grade (the climb was very gradual), but that seemingly endless miles and miles headed up the Lick Observatory. Once we got up there, we were beholden to one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Diablo Range with upwards of 4,200 feet of total elevation. According to one of our resident experts on Hamilton, JohnnyBoy, the Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton is the highest elevation point in the whole bay area. Pictures should be coming up soon, thanks to the digital gadgetries of those who took photos en route to the top and at the apex of the climb. This climb has to be repeated. We're very glad everyone did well, safe and sound - there were a couple of minor incidents, but the team pulled together so that everyone was able to mount their specific two-wheeled gas-less locomotives, and ride safely back to the Longs meeting area. We were all definitely watched from above..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It was a great tuesday afternoon ride for me and benjie.///

Primavera tour Jojo's pictures

Here's Jojo climbing the wall at calaveras rd.///

Mt. Diablo ride 4.21.2007

pics courtesy of Niel E. April 21, 2007 mt Diablo Ride
Vic Manny Romy Niel Rommel Jack Rico with Spocks taking the picture

Jack Rommel Manny Vic Niel Romy Spocks with Rico taking the picture

and here is Niel's writeup of the ride.

"Here's our Satuday ride version:
Original plan for the road ride was a 70miler with two big climbs, Palomares, and Mount Diablo. Due to a late start and chance of rain, we decided to cut it short so we ended up with 37+miles instead...which I'm glad we did. First climb was 12miles from Danville all the way up to the peak of Mount Diablo (cold and windy at the peak) followed by a nice loooooooooong descent to Walnut Creek. Then another 7mile climb towards the mid section of Mount Diablo and then another loooooooong descent back.
Also, I am thankful that I have avoided a couple of almost mishaps.
First was I over shot a turn and my tires skidded and I almost went down.
The second one was when I was riding downhill and as I was about to approach a turn, I saw a couple of riders going up and I'm glad that rider saw me, and he knew that there was a car behind him that was about to pass him. Good thing this rider occupied the road to his left and flagged the car behind him to slow down....thank God!
To sum it up... we had a great ride too...and learning experience for me."

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Fellow Siclista Cesar wins 2nd place in 20 mile race!

Our very own Cesar of Siclista fame captured a noteworthy 2nd place in the CCRX (mountain bike race) held in Salinas CA. I'll let Cesar walk you through the details - many congrats Cesar!

Click on this link for more fascinating details - this is our homie we're talking about guys!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Siclista Weekend Warriors

Rollie! Kasama ba siya sa Sierra Ride?
Hulaan ninyo totoo ba photo or crapped?
Click Link :