Sunday, November 30, 2008

30Nov08 Unscheduled Meeting

Unscheduled meeting before Nov30 Sunday ride.
Minutes of the discussions are:

1. Every ride should have a ride leader who will plan the ride, In case there is none, all participating riders should discuss a ride plan for regroup points and must reststops before the start of the ride. Mandatory: All ride must regroup at the summit of every climb, regroup at the bottom of a long descend and if the group have break apart after several miles of riding. Must reststop which means carbo load for a bonk free ride, should be halfway of the planned ride or every 15-20 miles on a long ride. Reststop should not take longer than 15 minutes after the last rider has arrived. To keep the adrenaline running high, we suggested that a coffee shop or a fastfood is enough for a quick hydration and carbo-protien load.

2. In a large group ride we suggest to break it into 2 smaller group, a brisk group and a moderate group. We must have at least a rider or two in the smaller group who knows the ride route. A ride plan with regroup point and reststop is very important to avoid riders from getting lost.

3. On the safer side. Riders should always keep a straight path all the time specially when slowing down and stopping. Always double check your rear, if you have plan to move to either side. Call out. Give a hand or arm signal if possible and always move slowly when riding to your right or to your left. Never assume that everybody heard your call or see your signal so always change lane slowly and with care. Be extra alert when riding close with each other, always scan for all potential hazard as far as your eyes can see. Always listen for vehicle coming. Our plan is to keep our ride safer.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


on top jomo is calling the steak meat to come closer so we can have meat on our lunch coz we ate a lot of turkey yesterday.

who wants to ride 2morrow two option ride with ffbc w/Al Quintana or we do our own siclista ride. the siclista ride will meet at jollibee 8:30 am route is 84 niles,calaveras rd,milpitas and back to jollibee. pls VOTE WHAT ROUTE YOU DECIDE. my cell#510-461-2824

Cabinet Meeting 11/23/08

Venue: Chili's Restaurant Union City, CA

Honorary Atendees: Captain Rodge, OJT/Tandem Stoker Justin Ryan, Future leader Jacob Rylee, Scribe Cesar, Presided by President Romy. Jack was dismissed early for an urgent meeting with the Mission Peak hang gliders. Gonzalo & the brothers went home early.

Presidential Menu: Fried chicken & French fries, Gourmet cheeseburgers & fries, Philly cheese steak & Good Start by Nestle infant formula.

Discussions: Gear ratios, Compact vs. Standard crankset debate, Innovative ventures: carbonated water & lithium ion battery production.

The main topic is the 2008 Christmas Party. The Siclista has an abounding $180,000 (omit three zeros) to initially finance the upcoming feast. Be advised that this reserve was the remnants from the Siclista Classic funds. Like last year's event, we can have a potluck.

Suggestions: As mandated by the President, please respond w/ venue & date proposals.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008





the time on the pictures are one hour advance.
who wants to ride lets meet at 25151 santa clara st.hayward ca 94544 that is lucky store parking lot. meet at 8:00am the ride route will be san ramon and pleasanton area.

MTB Turkey ride at Kennedy Los Gatos 11/27am


To some who ride MTBs too...

There's an old mtb ride tradition that happens every thanksgiving day. The event is a ride at Kennedy Trail in Los Gatos. People ride up and bring goodies to share with everyone. Last year it was the first time that a Lechon was hauled up there to share...and filipino riders did it (SVTR)....

This upcoming thanksgiving day, Club Maharlika is hauling up a lechon and other goodies and it's open to everyone. Jack experienced it last year, and I'm sure he had mentioned that experience to some of you. We hope to see you there, if you can.

7:30 Meet time
8:15 Roll time
Meeting place: trailhead of Kennedy Trail at Los Gatos.


Pearl Izumi Thanksgiving Sale

Anyone need new outfits???

Pearl Izumi Factory Stores
Day After Thanksgiving Specials

November 28

Midnight to 7:59am - 40% Off All Previously Marked Down Mechandise
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November 29 & 30

Additional 10% Off All Previously Marked Down Mechandise
Discounts apply to previously marked down Merchandise only!
This sale is not valid with any other coupon or promotion.
Limited sizes, styles and colors available. No backorders.
No previous purchase adjustments.


Stores Open At Midnight

Aurora, IL - 12am - 10pm
Gilroy, CA - 12am-10pm
Orlando, FL - 12am-11pm
Dawsonville, GA - 12am-7pm
Silverthorne, CO - 12am-8pm
Vacaville, CA - 12am-8pm
Park City, UT - 12am-9pm
Woodburn, OR - 12am-9pm (Also open 11:00pm Thanksgiving night) Stores Open at 5 AM or 6 AM
Bend, OR - 5am- 8pm
South Lake Tahoe, CA - 6am-6pm
Del Mar, CA - 6am-8pm
Fort Worth, TX - 6am-7pm
North Conway, NH - 6am-8pm

Don't live near a Factory Store? Contact your nearest Factory Store to have your order shipped!

Factory Store Locations Izumi this to a friend!e48058f2f843fe98

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mt Diablo Post Ride (Nov 16, 2008) Thanks

it was another wonderfull day! not to hot not too cold! meet old and make new friends, Thanks sa mga nakirides! to Jojo for sharing Beef Jerky when i got BONK(Whew caffeinne overdosed i think) and for JohnV for riding with me up to the TOP.

Winston Pictures natin, upload mo na.

for those Interested on Bike Fitting, try this bike shop

Pleasant Hill Cyclery
1100 Contra Costa Blvd
Concord, CA 94523
(925) 676-2667

he usually charged $10 for one session if youre using speedplay pedal, $60 for others, give them a call to book your appointment.

Thanks again!

Photos: Winston Mt. Diablo 2008 Picasa
Picasa link posted by Rodge

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mt Diablo ride 11.16.2008

Blogger Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...
SEWUP or tubular ride, anyone?
Siklista riders from the north of eastbay, meron ba tayong ride diyan? Javier, baka pwede kang magpost ng ride natin diyan. The earlier na mapost ang ride, the better para makahingi na ng mga permits and licences :) :) :) let's do it while the weather is nice.
November 12, 2008 4:35:00 PM PST

Blogger Adolfo said...
How about Mt Diablo? I think its been more than a year since our group visited this place. Any taker?
November 12, 2008 5:55:00 PM PST

Blogger Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...
Diablo sounds good Adolfo. Where should we meet and what time should we roll?
post up guys if you are coming.
November 13, 2008 9:01:00 AM PST

Blogger Adolfo said...
How about at Safeway parking lot in San Ramon, corner of Crow Canyon and San Ramon Valley Blvd. Meet at 8:00 am roll at 8:30 am!
November 13, 2008 2:40:00 PM PST

Blogger Adolfo said...
Oh yeah before I forget, it's going to be this coming Sunday, 11/16. Route is from Safeway parking lot, crow canyon rd, blackhawk rd, mt diablo scenic blvd, southgate rd to summit. About 19.2 miles one way!
November 13, 2008 2:57:00 PM PST

Blogger Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...
from last years Mt. Diablo ride
Pres and TonyC are in.
November 13, 2008 3:05:00 PM PST

Blogger johnV said...
me and benjie are in
November 13, 2008 6:18:00 PM PST

Blogger Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...
how 'bout them ORBEA boyz? u guys comin?
Javier? SteveS?
November 13, 2008 10:12:00 PM PST

Blogger JohnnyBoy said...
Soccer tournament this weekend for JC so I can't make it.
November 14, 2008 5:52:00 AM PST

Blogger john_m said...
jack. green apple orbea signing in. see you guys sunday
November 14, 2008 10:27:00 AM PST

Gonzalo and Cesar are in. Rozel might meet us at the Junction if he gets a permit :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on Dangerous Driver On Calaveras

This is just an update on a previous post Cesar had put out about the driver on Calaveras Road from

Hey All -

What I thought was going to be a go to court and see what happens has turned into a rather interesting case. So at least a dozen of us have come across this guy. He just barely missed hitting me at 47 mph and ran one other person off the road. Fortunately the person was unhurt. When you read below, if we were hurt, I doubt we'd recover any medical costs and equipment costs. In short, the guy has a $20k bench warrant. Bench warrants do not expire so the guy will turn up eventually.

Long story....A month or so ago, I went to the court house and during the recess, the guy was talking to the DA. I couldn't hear much other than the DA saying "but this is your 4th time!" in a tone that simply said "you are a first class moron." After the guy got the case delayed so he can find a lawyer which was the 2nd time he did this, I spoke to the DA. He thanked us for the number of letters he had received from the cycling community and said that he's going for an extremely stiff sentence of 45 days in the slammer. Wow.

Note: I'm adding spaces and hyphens and also spelling the name phonetically so searching for his name doesn't show up on a public websearch.

Today I went to this guys court case thinking that this would be the final time. He couldn't delay it any more. Well when there was just about no one else in the court room, the judge said to me "you must be here for the last case?" The DA interjected and said, "No, your honor, this gentlemen has a direct interest in Mr. S-h- ind-luh's case as he is a representative of a group of local cyclists who have been repeatedly harassed by Mr. S-h- ind-luh. On October 1st Mr S-h- ind-luh delayed the case to hire representation. On October 27 he delayed it again and now today he has failed to show probably because he didn't like the terms I offered him." The judge said, "What exactly was this about and what did you offer him?" The DA replied, "4th time for driving with a suspended license and no insurance and red light infraction. I offered him 45 days plus restitution. " The judge flipped some papers around and issued a bench warrant for his arrest for $20,000. At that moment, the DA turned around and said to me, "If you see him, call the police immediately. "

According to my 4 minutes of law school at the University of Wikipedia, the guy will be arrested on the spot until he posts the $20k bond as he is considered a flight risk.

Well if you come across this guy, please call the police. Milpitas Police number is 408.586.2401. Case Number is CC812763 and the PFN is DXP116.

J.E. Sch- - ind --- l- e- r
49 years old, bald head, grey goatee, approximately 5' 10", 220 pounds
white GMC 3500 pick-up truck, “dualie” (4 wheels in the back)
Horizontal American flag about 6" x 4" in the middle of the back window.
license plate 5-F-9-4- -1-- 7 8
I also saw him drive away from the court house a month ago on a black motor cycle with a black helmet.

Yesterday I went up Calavaras Road and it seemed every other car was a white truck. Go figure. None were him.

See you on the road....


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov. 15, 2008-Lake Chabot Picnic/Potluck and MTB or Road Ride

Roy Garcillano asked that I extend this invite to all. Nov. 15th at Lake Chabot Ranger Station. TROPA Picnic and MTB (or Road) ride.

Roll at 8am, Picnic lunch at 12noon. There will be a lechon! Hope everyone can join us!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where Are You?

I came this morning and you didn't show up.
I waited till 8:00 am in front of Jollibees and took off on my own.
Nobody in front of me.
Nobody in back of me.
Hmmm. Maybe you guys will be coming down the trail from what the blog said.
At the end of the trail where is everyone?
Better text the others to find out what the deal is...
We finally meet!
Hey! What happened to the Softride JohnM?
Orbea Boyz! Opps! I mean Siclista Boyz! ;)
L-R BobbyG, JohnM & Manny
While fixing a flat, I met Glenn & Sissie who are from Florida out here on business. Check out these cool 3 wheelers!
No I didn't trade my bike!

More pictures on Picassa here.

Dayum! Was supposed to meet the guys at Newark Java not Jollibees! Opps! Sorry guys my bad!
Time: 3:23
Dist: 53.61mi
Avg: 15.8mph
Cadence: 82rpm
Max: 42.3mph
AHR: 151bpm
MHR: 188bpm

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buhay Siklista

Jesus Garcia Jr
Rodge, eto na. napulot ko sa site.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Siclista Ride - 2NOV2008

A 33 mile ride from Union City to Fremont and back. Cool weather, some puddles otherwise, a good ride. I definately had too many layers on for this ride.

Riders(L-R): Larry, Romy, Richard, Larry, Jack, Juan, Manny, & BobbyG.
Additional picture can be found here on BobbyG's PicassaWeb

Group pic from 26OCT ride

Route Info:

Link to Map: Siclista Ride Route 1

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daylight Savings Over- Set your clocks 1 hour back tonite!

Set your clocks 1 hour back tonite before you sleep. If it's 10pm, set it to 9pm. You get 1 extra hour sleep!!

Big Apple

Lance Armstrong Big Apple Madone Bike

About tubular tires

A type of tire mainly used for racing. A tubular tire has no beads; instead, the two edges of the carcass are sewn together (hence the term "sew-up") with the inner tube inside. Tubulars fit only on special rims, where they are held on by cement.

Tubulars use presta valves.

Most people find expensive tubulars too expensive for recreational riding...but cheap tubulars are distinctly inferior to good clinchers, particularly in that they tend to be lumpy and crooked.

Comparing high-quality tubulars with clincher , including the rims, tubes, etc, tubulars save about 50 grams per wheel...but your bike winds up heavier, because you really need to carry a complete spare tubular, as opposed to a tube and/or a patch kit. This doesn't apply if the team car is carrying spare wheels/bikes for you.

If you don't glue your tubulars on properly, they can roll off, causing you to crash. If you get a flat on the road, you can't glue your spare securely, since the glue needs to dry overnight; as a result, you have to ride very gingerly on your spare, taking it really easy on the curves and descents. If you get two flats on the same ride, you're screwed.

Some people believe that tubulars corner better in the rain...but I never go fast on wet roads anyway. If you flat in the rain with tubulars, your ride is over, because there's no way to make a wet tubular stick to a wet rim.

Tubulars are fairly immune to "snake-bite" rim cuts, and may offer slightly better "suspension" action than comparable clinchers. Their rolling resistance is actually worse than good clinchers in most cases, due to flex of the glued section.

Standard size tubular tires use a rim that corresponds in diameter to a 622 mm (700C) clincher rim.

Back in the 1970s, 622 mm clinchers were very rare in the U.S., and most sporty bikes used either 630 mm (27 inch) clinchers, or standard (622 mm) tubulars.

The fact that these sizes are so close led to an in-accurate habit of referring to "27 inch" tubulars. This careless nomenclature still causes confusion, and people often imagine that there is a different "27 inch" size in tubulars as there is in clinchers.


All full-size tubulars fit all full-size tubular rims.

There are smaller size tubulars, "26 inch", "24 inch" and even smaller, but those are VERY uncommon, mainly used for children's race bikes, which hardly exist at all in the U.S.

Copy from Sheldon Brown Website

Richard, buddy, I was there just in case...

you came..I was there at 7th and Mission with my cyclocross setup with 32-wide knobby tires. But it's good you didn't since after a brief moment of clearing, it did rain again. Have a nice day!!