Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sunday Ride w/ Tropa's

Mga Siclista's, Kamusta na?! Roy from Tropa posted a road ride this Sunday. Niles/Calaveras Loop. No drop, leave the hammer @ home ride ito.
Start: Sunday 9/30 @ 7:30am
Meet: Mission/Niles Parking Lot
Route: 84 Palomares Calaveras
It would be nice kung maka kasama kayo! A good get together ride w/ Tropa and Siclista.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Century ride with Bike Forum report

This century will have to be one of the "to do", or should I say "must do" ride for the group. Ibang klase. It's one of those pedal until you puke kinda ride. Walang stop lights or signs for about 40 miles. At ang masarap na part, maalat alat na fresh air from the pacific ocean ang nalalanghap. I bet you, this is JohnM's territory, get on aero position and just pedal.
BF bike report with pictures.
We pretty much crashed the party huh? with JR providing the entertainment ;)
"Superunleaded's group was like a party"

Thank you kay Rico/Niel/Spok/JR for doing most of the pull. And then there's Romeo asking for Juliet's phone number :) 'musta na birthday boy? hahaha
Siyempre, yong dalawang El Presidente na naka sitenta milyahe eh thank you rin kahit hindi ninyo kami binigyan ng ice cream:) Congratulations nga pala kay Gerry and Nancy for doing a flat century ride(according to Spok, flat ride daw hahaha).

Pics from Niel

Monday, September 17, 2007

I need help with the video

meron ba kayong video editor diyan? My first attempt of filming while on the bike proved to be $@%#&%$. Baliktad pa ang walanghiyang camera :) Panoorin na lang muna ninyo sa laptop at baligtarin niyo ang screen until I can get a hold of a video editor.

Pics near the $5 spot... Did you see the flowers?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How about a century ride?

September 23, 2007. 100+ miles.
Jacks' got the itch to ride..... a century.
I'm thinking of tagging along with the Nor-Cal riders. Nor-Cal Century ride
Post up guys so we can get a headcount. We can do this on our own if a lot of us shows up. If not, I guess we'll just have to crash the party.

from the BF site:
Start time:
Century riders - 8am
Half Century riders - 11:30am from HMB Coffee & Cafe

Starting Location: Natural Bridges State Beach - Corner of Delaware and Natural Bridges

View Larger Map
Lunch Stop: Half Moon Bay Coffee and Cafe - corner of Main St. and Stone Pine Rd (North end of Main St.)

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