Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Labor Day Ride" Monday Sep05

Lets meet at Pugad Lawin 8am and roll 8:30am sharp. We'll tackle Harder Rd on to Palomares. C ya..requested by Frank Nacu.

Tres amigos encounter

Quick bike hop with the hopes of burning the last bit of 'buchi' I had at the Newark Buffet on Sunday. What glee I brought to myself when I converged with the three amigos atop Palomares. Corkey, JunB and Ruel. These guys were fit and strong, that buchi helped me keep up with them as we looped through Sunol, Foothill and Niles. Talk about secret training before the Wednesday rides, these guys are serious ! On the hills, we all took it easy, no need for bravado, best to come home safe and sound.

*Construction alert*: coming from the Sunol side (steep) of Palomares and coming down the other side to Niles, there's a number of construction points with lots of loose gravel along the way. Descend with caution.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tracy Windmill Ride

Siclista please mark your calendar for Tracy Windmill Ride 2011
Date: August 20,2011 Saturday Venue:1092 Cambridge Pl
Tracy, California 95377( Thoming Park Tracy CA)
Time: Carpool at Pugad Lawin meet 6:00am will roll 6:30am, we won't take prisoners so come on time. We want to be at Tracy before 7:30am so we have more time to get ready.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diary of a wimpy rider

All roads lead to some Secret Training
As a short reprieve from my studies, I headed to Niles and meandered up Palomares on a beautiful sunny day, then headed back down after a nicely paced climb. As I maneuvered the last stretch of the downhill path, I exchanged greetings with a fellow cyclist who was headed up. Then I slowed down. I know this guy, and when I looked back, he also stopped in his tracks. He knew me, too! Who would've thought, but it was the great Anklai! I summarily turned my bike around, and rode up again Palomares - with the great Anklai.

All In a Day's Work
Just finished four major climbs including Quimby, Mt. Hamilton, Sierra, Calaveras, Welch(!), and now Palomares. I'm glad I caught him on his last mountain climb. He would've easily dropped me if this was his first. As it was, he wasn't at all exhausted, still some reserve in the tank, conversational on the steep sections, as I gasped and tried to keep up his 'slow' pace. So there you have it folks, secret training at its best, by the best as recorded by yours truly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday, August 14 ride.

Bahala na ride, back at Pugad Lawin around noon. Ride leaves the nest at 8:30 SHARP :)

Route to be decided.

@JoMo, whadya say bro?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tour de Peninsula

Tour de Peninsula 08.07.11 Sunday. Meet 6:30am, the 63Miles Ride will roll 7:00am. I will ride the 56 miles (Simon Says) route. This is a good training for the coming Windmill Ride.
We will meet at 3rd St. Seal Point Park (dog park). Direction from San Mateo Bridge take Foster Blvd exit, right on Chess Dr., left on Foster City Blvd towards north left on 3rd St.

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Tour de Peninsula Link: 63miles (Simon Says) 56miles Route Map