Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pics from da Bongsta

picture atop sierra road doing the siclista classic route (para daw sayo winston). the rest were from the bat-room at 5 canyons. thanks for the pics chicharones!

A friendly reminder - keep those wheels straight.

Just a very quick reminder to keep those wheels straight. Mr. Rodge gave us a few pointers last time on cycling protocol&rules when riding with a group. One item I'd like to highlight is staying on your lane - when pedaling forward, slowing down, or stopping. Treat it like driving a car - it'll save a few bruises and helmets at the very least. Peace out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lance Injured

“Clean collarbone fracture,” Bruyneel said. “Should be fast recovery.”

Looks like Lance had a bad break in the Vuelta of Castilla (Spain). Hopefully he can recover and make it to the TDF.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday Ride 3/21/08 LSD

Rain is anticipated this Sunday, so plan accordingly: join me, instead. In preparation for a season of competitive rides, I've started riding LSD (Long Slow Distance). In other words, it is a no hammer ride. This means train @ around 60% of your maximum heart rate with long distances. Not only that it will build endurance, but also develop slow twitch muscles that burns fat for fuel.

With this ride, I keep the stops to a minimum. I eat as I roll & don't need to rest because it is very low intensity. In addition, as much as possible, I only stop to relieve my bladder. The route is perfect for this training because it is flat. Thus far, Ed, Vil & I are in. Again this Saturday, I will do this 6hrs back by 1pm flat course:

-Meet @ Don Edwards staging area
-Roll @ 7am sharp (sorry I need to be back by 1pm)
-Cross DB (84)
-Lt University Ave
-Lt Bay Rd
-Rt Pulgas
-Lt Runnymede
-Rt Bay Area Trail that meanders thru the South Bay/Peninsula, no car traffic just hikers & cyclist alike.
-Exit Near Yuba Dr (BMW of Mountain View)
-Rt El Camino
-Lt Grant
-Rt Foothill
-Lt Page Mill
-Rt Arastradero
-Portola Loop to Canada
-U-turn @ the end of Canada
-Lt 84
-Rt Whiskey
-Then, sober up & lt Portola to Sand Hill thru Palo Alto
-Rt 84

Monday, March 16, 2009

Siclista Fixed Gear website - schedules, galleries, etc, etc.

Fellow Siclista's, please check out the latest incarnation of Siclista Biking Adventure webpage specifically for fixed gear, single-speed Siclista riders - SiclistaFixedGear.Blogspot.Com. Rodge's venerable Siclista.Blogspot.Com website is still the Siclista website - this new webstie launched: is for Siclista's who also want to ride fixed or single-speed. This way we won't clutter the venerable website created by Rodge with fixed gear/single-speed specific discussions and ride schedules. Any concerns, please lemme know, or post at the website.

As some of you might already know, there are a couple of Siclista riders who are already riding fixed/single-speed. To name a few, there's Jack, Richard, Juan, Gonzalo, Jay, me (Manny), and track racer, Mr. Raymund. If you're riding fixed, track or single-speed, pleez give me a heads-up. p.s. Larry, sir - lemme know wen yur converting yur Peugeot to fixed - that'll be a slick fixie.

You da Man(ny)

Manny, great job climbing Palomares on that fixie. The weather cleared up enough Sunday afternoon so I went to go on a quick ride up Palomares and ran across Manny on the trail riding his fixie. He said what the hell, I'll follow you up see how far I can go. It's a challenging climb on my triple but you just kept hammering away to the top. And no coasting downhill either.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 8, 2009 ride

Meet at the Siclista Classic staging area around 8:30 and we should be rolling by 9AM towards Palomares + 5Canyons + Halo Halo route.
"we can take a right on industrial and continue on dyer passing pugad lawin??? if the ride becomes too long, we can always make a left back to the siclista classic staging area"

perfect... roll time will be 9AM since we have to spring the time 1 hour ahead tonight. Our bodies would still think its 8AM, right? :) See you guys at the Siclista Classic staging area in Lake Elizabeth, Stevenson side.