Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tour of Laguna de Bay

My classic photo of 1990 Tour of Laguna de Bay 182 km. clockwise ride from Pasig City to Binangonan, Cardona, Bugarin, Pikil, Pila Pagsanjan, Los Banos, Calamba, Binan, Muntinglupa & back to Pasig City. At least we're wearing helmets ( mine the heavy Bell VPro), not like the hardcore Boys from SNZ ;-D Sino mas payat? LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack's SNZ-Pangasinan-Bagiuo Tour

Ride started in San Narciso Zambales. Through Olongapo up to Bataan, passed Tarlac to Mangatarem Pangasinan where we spent the night. Got up the next morning and rode to Bugallon for their Fiesta. Crit race around their Plaza. Then off to La Union, up Marcos Highway to Baguio. Overnight stay at the Dangwa Tranco bus station then down Kennon Road to Manaog for another overnight stay. From Manaoag to SNZ was like a race against time and I bonked on the last uphill leading back to Olongapo. I was pretty much in a touring mode from 'gapo to SNZ on the way home since there's nothing left in the tank.
Pic shows those big knee scrapes from my "semplang" a week before this epic ride.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Siclista Classic II

After the ride video at Fremont Park 12 Sept 09

Better late than never :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bohlman-Saratoga climb hosted by Alfred

26% grade on Orbit Rd. - Notice the jogger on the right having to lean forward on the climb...Go Benjie!

Sunday 10/25 This will be an easy 66 mile R/T ride to Saratoga town and back unless you plan on tackling the climbs. Meet: 7:30 and Roll: 8:00 at Don Edward Marshlands Rd. cross over Dumbarton Bridge to Stanford Mall up Sand Hill Rd., South on Foothill continuing on to Stevens Canyon Rd where the group will split in two.

Alfred will lead the climbers up Redwood Gulch, while Martin will lead the other group on a short moderate climb over Mt. Eden and Pierce Rd down Hwy 9 into Saratoga town to regroup at the foot of Bohlman Rd. Those not wishing to climb up Bohlman-Orbit Rd can enjoy brunch in town while they wait for the other riders to return. Return trip after brunch will be a short climb over Mt. Eden again and down to Los Altos on Foothill.

Note: Those wishing to take on Bohlman-Orbit Rd should read the information on this link:

Here is the link for the pics on the climbs:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race Across The Sky - Leadville ... 10/22/2009

Who is planning to watch this movie? It is showing in select theatres for one night only at 8:00pm.

You can get more information on this here.

A list of movie theatres showing this event can be found here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pagsanjan Laguna Ride

Hello my fellow siclistas from the far east! While you guys are having fun at the siclista classic and giro de barkada (with cool weather and a lot of sunshine), i'm out here either sweating my butt off or taking a shower in the rain. but it doesn't dampen the pinoy siclista spirit. i hooked up with my paircargo cycling buddies and headed off to pagsanjan, laguna from pasig city (about 160km or a full century). it started out with about 20 riders.

After the first climb in bugarin (probably equal to palomares) our group dwindled down to 11 riders headed by, Mr. Tour of Luzon champ, Victor Espiritu. A quick stop at the foot for some pop cola and skyflakes, then it's on to the flats. About 20 miles with a pace of 24 mph, it wasn't that bad with a little teamwork and good rotation (like drafting behind JohnV, John S, Jack, Rolly, Gonzalo, and Cesar - ey sounds like a Time Trial Team). We got to Pagsanjan and that's where the magic happened. Lumpia, pancit, sinigang, rice and ice cream c/o el presidente. Ahhh... yum, yum... Victor (4th from left) was very happy. It was his birthday! But did i mention we had to go back?

I felt like taking the bus on the way back or riding with the 2 in the middle that rode their SAG and went back to the comforts of home. But it's never say die! We trecked on... same flat road and same friggin' mountain. It was every man for himself. 3 of us broke away up the mountain then the rain started pouring. California rain is nothing! These rain drops hurt like hell (Ouch!!!). All made it to shelter, had some hot bulalo (bone marrow) soup and Coke (this is probably the Gu of the Philippines), waited for the rain to die down a little and trekked again. One more climb in Teresa (what??? another palomares that switched back and forth like mt. hamilton). Oh, and there's the added difficulty of dodging jeeps, trucks, motorcyles and people. Then it's down the home stretch. Whew! What a day. I'm sure Rodge can relate. He's done this before and will be doing the same thing again in Feb '10 when he comes here. Anyone interested in joining him? Let's dawn our Siclista Jerseys in PI!!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank you from Luzvimin!!!

Dear Friends,

In behalf of LUZVIMIN(usa), I would like to thank everyone who came and participated in our 3rd Annual Giro d' Barkada!

We can't thank you enough but from all the nice comments and happy faces of the riders, being the host and organizer, all of our members and volunteers, we say again,THANK YOU!

We had plenty of food from all the different club who came with their favorite dishes to share with others, THANK YOU!

And for all those who brought donation for the Typhoon Ondoy victims, THANK YOU! I am coordinating with a local non -profit organization who will take care of the logistics in sending them to the affected areas in the Philippines.

THANK YOU for those who donated their old used and unwanted bicycle parts and related accessories. I will personally ship them and will have the recipient club send us a picture as proof of their receipts.

THANK YOU to those who donated parts and accessories for our raffle giveaways!

We had plenty of photographers on the road and as soon as they are developed, (hehe, uploaded pala) we will immediately inform you.

AGAIN, THANK YOU! From all of us at LUZVIMIN(usa) Racing.

Frank Gatdula

Padyak Pinoy 2007 YouTube videos

set of 2007 videos

Saturday, October 10, 2009

3rd Giro d' Barkada Invitation

Correction Too: Meet at Pugad Lawin (Jollibee) 6:30AM Sun. 11Oct09
Leave 7:00AM, probable an hour 15 min. drive to Stockton for 9:00 AM ride.

Link: Map of Giro d' Barkada Route.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Progressive Ride

Progressive ride for Giro d' Barkada. 4Oct09
Meet: 7:30am Roll 8:00am at Don Edward Marshlands Rd. 50.61 mi. 2 M/B

View Progressive Ride in a larger map