Monday, January 29, 2007

three bears duathlon 1/28/07

Conditions: Foggy
Terrain: Hilly
Spirits: High
It was a great day for the siclistas who entered last sunday's duathlon in El Sobrante. No fog or hill can slow them down. Except for a dead car battery when Frank forgot to turn off his headlights during the entire race.
It all started with a 2 mile run... chit-chatting and following a group of girls. Then it got down to business on a very strong bike ride. We passed around 10-15 riders on the bike leg. I confess... there was always the temptation of drafting.

Frank made a valiant effort but unfortunatley had a flat about 400 yards from the transition area. When we came in for the bike to run part, there were maybe 12 people ahead (I counted the bikes). We more or less maintained that all the way to the finish. Not bad for weekend warriors. And the best part was we all got medals for the best in "tuhogan." (skewering?)
Anyone for some pinoy style barbeque?

Email from Del

Hi Roger,

Kumusta ka? It's me Del, Tony's friend and neighbor. Sorry I haven't been able to do more rides with you guys. I've joined the FFBC race team and that's been taking up the majority of my rides. Man it's so fast! Some days i'm just barely hanging on!

Anyhow, I saw Ed today at the Early Birds and I spoke with John and Benji at the shop as well as Jerry(I see him all the time). You guys try and make it out for next weeks Feb.4 race! I'll be racing at 12:00 noon I think. Try to make it as I try to represent the Filipinos, haha!


Monday, January 22, 2007

To All Siclista

To all Siclistas,
The ride we have @Pleasanton last Saturday was a good/nice ride. It was flat with a combination of rolling and little climb @ Altimont Pass about 2000 ft. elevation. The view was great like Napa ride, there was a lot of vineyard (wine tasting cellars). I was not aware there was a lot of winery @Pleasanton and Livermore. Let us make a plan on this ride. John V. was like a GPS he knows all the turns on this route.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Ride of the Year 2007

Fremont Woodside Ride

Monday, January 1, 2007

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

The Lone Rodger Rides Alone Dec 31 2006