Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lance riding with an 8 year old.

Too cool not to post.
Due to the auto start issue, please watch the video on the provided link instead. I googled on how to set the auto start off but no dice :(
Lance ride win 8 year old Liam on top of Col du Columbiere.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July Ride

Change of plan, ride will be on Sat. instead of Sun. (requested)
Tassajara Livermore Loop (Metric Century)
Meet: 7:00am Roll 7:15am at Pugad Lawin (Jollibee) 64.36 miles 2-3 M/B
Bring money for lunch. (View larger map for more details) If the group is large we can split it to a Moderate & a Brisk group, but regroup is a must.
For those who ordered, you can drop by Pugad Lawin, this Sat. so you can pick up your kit.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Golden Gate - Muir Woods Ride

My uncle's invitation to ride in the San Francisco/Sausalito area was finally realized after several cancellations. Some of you met my uncle at the Sequoia Metric Century. Sundays forcast called for scorching temperatures so the ride in his neck of the woods was something to look forward to. I had never ridden that area so I was excited to experience it. JohnnyBoy was still just getting over an illness so his other half, Cici, got the green light to go ride with us.

The ride was one of Sports Basement weekly Sunday rides, which started at their store in the Presidio and goes across the Golden Gate Bridge passing through Sausalito, Mill Valley then into Mt. Tamalpais State Park and Muir Woods. The views were fantastic and best of all the temperature was not too hot, not too cold, but just right! After the ride, we browsed inside the store. This store is big and they allow you to bring your bike inside the store while you shop! If your ever shop at this chain bring your AAA card for a 10% discount.

I am planning to ride this area again, but this time take Conzelman Rd down to Fort Barry.

Cici & Marcel ready to go

Off we go!

Fairly good size group


Cici, Marcel, BobbyG

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pre Giro de Barkada Ride

Dumbarton Ralston Loop
Meet: 7:30am Roll 8:00am Pugad Lawin (Jollibee) 57.59 miles 2-3 M/B Bring money for pizza. (View larger map for more details) If the group is large we can split it to a Moderate & a Brisk group, but regroup is a must.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day Ride with JohnV

JunB's 1st Calaveras Loop Ride. Martin crossed San Mateo bridge to ride with us, also BobbyG & Cici showed up to train for their Death Ride next month. Great ride.

Watch YouTube: Calaveras Ride Video


johnV said...

CHANGE OF VENUE hey guys lets just meet at Jollibee

See you guys at Pugad Lawin
21 Jun 2009 Calaveras Loop clockwise.
Meet at downtown Niles Train Station.
Requested roll time of 8AM sharp so we can get back early to celebrate Father's Day with the family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a small world after all...

Didn't expect the cycling community here in the Philippines to be this big. I hooked up with Rodge's nephew Mark (probably a little stronger than his uncle)...

in no time, i found myself in the middle of a racing team called paircargo. still haven't adjusted to the heat but what the heck... i signed up for the Liquigas Team Time Trial held at Manila.

It was around 52 kilometers going about an average of 22 mph. These guys are strong... I can barely keep up. There's more to give but, in TTT, you're only as fast as the slowest guy.

Finally, the finish line with 5 out of 8 members. Just enough to qualify. It was an eye opener, with strong teams, a really hot weather (accompanied by a mild heat stroke on my end), and some really nice bikes.

This one is almost mine. I'm trying to talk my brother in law into giving it to me for my birthday. Zero Gravity calipers, FSA group, Titanium chain, Zipp 202 wheelset, etc... 12.5 pounds. tsk tsk tsk

Thanks to the siclistas for prepping me up for this one. Maybe next time we can send our own imported team to join in these events... airfare would be a killer though. :-0

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pagbabalik ng Lawin

14June2009: A very flat ride from Pugad Lawin toward Mission Blvd, Stevenson, Grimmer, Cushing Cherry, Thornton... and a bonus climb at Coyote Hills Nike before heading back. We saw a couple Siclista riding on the opposite direction.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Very Flat Ride

Flat ride this Sunday for the Lising Brothers (Cameback Kids)
Meet: 14Jun09 Jollibee Roll: 8:00am 30 mi. 1 M

View Flat Ride (Recovery Ride) in a larger map for more details.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Sequoia Ride

HOW IT UNFOLD: The carpool meet at Newark Raley's and by 7 o'clock the convoy drove to PA Veterans. By the time everyone is set to roll it was 8 o'clock. With a nice cool weather the strong riders and pretenders started fast but by the time we reached the foot of Steven Canyon the pretender (me) dropped to the second group in anticipation of the coming nasty climb at Redwood Gulch. We regrouped where the road splits to Mt. Eden Rd. When we reached the gulch everyone was on their own pace. Some who opted to start fast end up running out of steam before reaching the top. I saw a couple of rider (not in our group) fall on their bike, so tired they couldn't dismount anymore. The next miles to Saratoga Gap wasn't fun too, it was not steep but a gear grinding section of the ride for me. We regrouped again before heading to the first reststop, half a mile away at the Saratoga Fire Station.
The weather suddenly changed from nice to cold and a little bit foggy while we were resting. Some of us putted plastic trash bag inside our jerseys to cover our wet layers. We rode fast down Skyline Blvd rolling hills to West Alpine Rd. This is where some of us opted to bail out and head back to VA. Here where Skyline and Alpine met is the point of no return, once you descend West Alpine your committed to finish the ride. West Alpine is a very fast downhill for kamikaze riders, but with my fractured pelvic on my belt I played it safe, in fact very safe, after all there's good food waiting on the next reststop. Pasta, chicken or veggie wraps, hot or cold drinks & more. After a good meal its time to head west to San Gregorio. La Honda (84) is a very fast ride but with my experience, if you're just an average strength rider in the group don't get over excited to take the lead and go fast, this road can burn you down and you may run out steam. I have seen it before and again on this ride I saw it happened again ;) Me, I just drafted and cruised behind riders until we reached Stage Rd., conserving my energy and resting my legs for Tunitas climb.
On the flat section of Tunitas Creek after the last reststop, JohnnyBoy started to have a rear shifting problem. we have to replaced the cable compliment of the SAG. A 30 minutes delay.
Tunitas road was repaved before the Tour of California. Psychologically the smooth road made me feel the half of the climb so easy, only after we passed the wooden bridge and where it get steeper did it starts to hurt. By the time I reached the summit I'm exhausted. My legs are burning and my lungs have run out of oxygen :(
I started in front of the group going down Kings Mt. I played it safe again and some kamikaze riders in the group were flying down to the front. Marcel and I waited for awhile at Woodside Rd. JohnnyBoy had another bad luck, he punctured a tire. BobbyG have some bad luck too, twice he dropped his chain and by the time he get back on his bike the group was way too far already.
We also rode Sandhill and Foothill a notch faster dropping everyone in sight until we reached Pagemill Rd, the last stoplight before VA. In the end everybody had a great ride. Sequoia ride always bring out the best out of me.
"stay on my butt ... signed:Jr."

Alta Alpina Challenge


Anonymous said...

Hi Me and Anklai are both doing the Alta Alpina Challenge (Double Century). It will be a longer and tougher version of the Death Ride. It is a 8pass and 20800+ Ft of climbing. $120 to register and $69 for the jersey. For more details check out the link.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Kingsbury in SLT - that' one heck of a climb. Was just there and wow, I was literally gasping for air. Just on Kingsbury, there's gradients between 10-20% with almost no letup, sort of like Sierra stretched 3x. (We stayed 6 miles up from Kingsbury on Quaken Aspen Lane/Ridge Drive, and it took me 3 days just to get acclimated and climb a couple of blocks:-)

BobbyG said...

JohnnyBoy & I did that climb when the Death Ride had a 6 pass ride. The climb was long but the descent was awesome! It was only offered once from what I can recall.
I think it was the cost of having the Sheriff Dept, CHP, and local Nevada police involved made it expensive and hard to coordinate.

Anonymous said...

Gonzalo give me a call if you still want to join us. Anyways I can't wait for this event trying to get our triple crown this year hopefully.
So Any takers?? This will be a good preparation for the Death Ride for those who are doing it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sequoia Century

Who wants to ride the Sequoia metric (very hilly) century on June 7 '09. There is a bail out at Skyline before descending to West Alpine Rd. if it's to tough. With my condition I will bail out. There is also the 50K but we might not enjoy it. Check out the link (click "event details" for elevation) and let me know what you think.

Link: Sequoia Century