Thursday, February 19, 2009

tour of california


22nd Tour of Laguna de Bay

Express: my group in Manila and my annual ride around Laguna de Bay Lake (see map below) 182 km. (113mi.) Its 22nd year. Hopely next year I can do this ride.

Guys wearing Siclista California are my brother and cousin
Link: Express 22nd Tour of Laguna de Bay 15Feb09

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tour of California 2009

Tour of California Stage 2 at Tunitas

Photo at Skyline-Tunitas Creek junction with RoyG Auggie Red & another MyTropa rider.

Tour of California Stage 3 at Calaveras.

If only I can climb on my bike to Sierra Rd. where you guys are will be more fun, not to mention the food and booze. but my condition prevents me to do so. I end up on top of The Wall, where I park my car and take this short video. Blur shots on a very wet day, mist on my camera lens.

Click Link: JohnnyBoy on KTVU2 News Clip

AToC stage 3 Sierra Road

BobbyG 's tent really kept us warm and dry. The Cazadores and the BBQ'ed pork loin and shrimp kept us digging in the food tray.

AToC stage 2 in Sta Cruz

Pics from Sta Cruz

We are Live from Sierra Road


We are set up now so come by to hang out in our dry and sheltered tent. We have BBQ and drinks (including cerveza).

I'll be back on line later to save on battery.

Monday, February 16, 2009