Saturday, April 17, 2010

San Mateo -Tiburon Loop SUNDAY, April 18, 2010

San Mateo -Tiburon Loop
SUNDAY, April 18, 2010 - This R/T ride will consist of two starting points: The first is for 100+ miles from Crystal Springs, San Mateo (Safeway parking lot at the corner of De Anza Blvd & Polhemus Rd.) Start time is 7 a.m. sharp! The first group will meet up with the second group (metric century) 8 a.m. at the Goldilocks parking lot - at the corner of Westborough Blvd & Callan Blvd., So. S.F..

From there the route will take us down Skyline Blvd., along Great Hwy. to the "Cliffhouse" up to the "Legion of Honor" up to GG Bridge, down through Sausalito where we will have our lunch stop. Then into Mill Valley as we take a moderate 3 mile climb over and into Corte Madera. From there we head east along Paradise Rd for a scenic view of the SF Bay and into Tiburon for a quick snack.

From Sausalito, the same route will be taken for the return trip to the finish lines.

Paradise Loop ride from last year, 09/02/2009
Pics from this ride 04/18/2010 by GoBicycling

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update: AED Donation. (BLS Class/Certification Saturdays in Hayward)

Update: A donation for an AED device for use by the Siclista's will be made possible through the generosity of Precy San Miguel. Thank you, Ate Precy! Ate Precy mentioned that the device will have a small enough footprint so it can be easily carried on a regular club ride. Her wish list for us is to have active Siclista riders have their AED certification done. This is in order for the device to be properly stored and operated by certified Siclista's in the hopefully unlikely event that requires its use. It would be a fitting gesture from us to first show our appreciation (a simple thank you to Ate Precy for such an endowment to our club, as these AED devices are not cheap), and a commitment from all of us to get our BLS/AED certification completed per her request.

Per Charlene's note earlier, there is a BLS certification class Saturdays, from 9AM-2pm. This includes hands-on CPR and AED training. The fee for the 5-hour class is $70, with 75% of class time spent hands-on. At the end of the class you will be BLS Certified. This means you'll be trained and certified to perform CPR with an AED (defibrillator) device.

Note: For those of you who have CPR certification/training only without AED, your certification may be outdated, & you will need to attend this class to bring you up to speed to the latest certification requirements. The class integrates the critical AED training with CPR to fulfill the latest BLS certification requirements. FYI, according to the American Heart Association, using AED within the first 3-5 minutes increases sudden cardiac arrest survival rate by 30-50% versus 1 to 2% for CPR-only. Class address: 1072 B Street 94541. Hayward.
Contact Jeremy at 510.305.0797.

Thanks, Manny

FYI - Why use a Defibrillator? (First minute, 30 secs of video pretty much says it all.)