Friday, March 2, 2007

Sunday Ride

Manny /Tonymadonnelemon are we on for the Palomares ride this Sunday? Let us know and post the information.



Manny D ( said...

Palmares should be fine - Tony made mention of another route, the Livermore/Pleasanton ride (from last week's post).

I'll let TonyMadone make the call for this Sunday, since he planned this out for this Sunday..monsieur if you would kindly grace us with your reponse..LivermorePleasanton or Palomares..

Rodge said...

Singit ako. Mga Lising brothers di ba kayo oorder ng jersey. If you are I need to know your sizes at ilan.

Manny D ( said...

Rodge/Ed - nakausap ko si Mr.Madone..okay daw sa kanya ang Palomares. Meet 8:30am sa Jollee Bee, roll @9am. Eto yung planned route (subject to modifications by the group)..
1) Jollee Bee (9am) – ride Alvarado Niles to Mission/84.
2) Climb up Palomares.
3) Downhill to East Castro Valley Blvd (stop sign-collection point)
4) 5 Canyons Parkway (under freeway) –left turn, climb 5 Canyons.
5) Fairview Avenue (rotunda)– left turn, climb Fairview.
6) Ride downhill Fairview to Cal-State. Go across ramp to Calstate parking, then left on Harder.
7) Ride down Harder to Mission (collection point at Mission). Harder is a fast, busy downhill road, so slow down, and watch for cars pulling in from right.
8) Mission to Whipple, back to Jollibee.
9) Approx. ride time – 3hrs.

john_m said...

sama ako.