Monday, April 30, 2007


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From: Luis Bugay
To: Siclista California
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 2:22 PM
Subject: Hello from LuzViMin USA Racing Team

First and foremost, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Luis Isidro Bugay from Lathrop Ca. and a member of LuzViMin USA Racing Team fro Stockton Ca. I would like to invite your team to our socia/race event within our fellow Filipinos who has passion or frequently rides bicycles.
This event is really a "Get-to-Know" other Filipinos and hopefully we can all ride as ONE big Family promoting cycling with other Filipinos. So far we have invited LuzViMin USA, Bicycle Chef/APAC and My Tropa to participate in this social event. I am hoping to include Sinokami Siklista soon and will be appreciated.
Once again, this is an event exclusively for us...So please join us so we could all meet and get to know one another.
yours in cycling
Luis Bugay

A friendly cycling competition among Fil-Am Cyclists in Northern California Promoting brotherhood and camaraderie among Fil-Am Cyclists Giro d’ Barkada “The concept is simple,” according to Luis Bugay who initiated this event, “Use cycling to promote brotherhood and unity among Fil-Am cyclists in Nothern California and at the same time promote the importance of health benefits from cycling.”
The race of truth! Club Sanctioned Road Race 120 kilometers July 21, 2007 Climb the dreaded Patterson Pass and the Del Valle Lake Hill! No SAG and Follow Vehicles allowed! Cash Prizes for the top 3!
Assemble at WalMart in Tracy, California. A neutral speed to Grant Line Road where the official start will begin.A route map will be provided at the race day.Ride with Philippines’ Living Legend Manurel Reynante 2 Times Tour of the Philippines Champion
What awaits at the finish line: KALDERITANG KAMBING! KOREAN BARBEQUE! TURON! and more...


johnv said...

That's sound good i will try to come to the event...

Manny Dex(strose) said...

always nice to hear of concerted efforts to bring the filipino community together...will definitely mark this on my calendar (might have to attend a camping trip sometime in july), but i'll try to make it..

kid kulaki! said...

Hmmnn!! grabe to. 120 miles, nabasa ko pa lang bumilis na ang heart rate ko, sigurado ako sa ride na ito, malayo pa naman at bakasyon na sa eskuwela kaya sigurado makakasama ako dito.
kaya dapat praktis na ng praktis.


Cesar said...

Guys let's do this. Make it a fun ride.

Kid Kulaki, the unit of measurement is metric, so it is 120 kilometers (74.5 miles). Therefore, it is attainable.

kid kulaki! said...

o yes! d ko napansin sa sobrang excitement ko, salamat. kaya na siguro ito kahit dalawang bote lang ang tubig na baon. thanks ulit