Sunday, May 20, 2007

Road Rash 101 – according to Jack

1. Wash the wounds with soap and water ASAP. While taking a shower maybe. I know, it stiiiiiiiiiiings.
2. Wipe the wound with Betadine and then apply any antibiotic cream/ointment. I used Bacitracin ointment.
3. Cover the wounds with nonstick or non adherent pad/gauze at night.
4. Wash the wounds again with Betadine in the morning and cover it with light gauze so the wounds can breathe.
5. Do this ritual until the wound starts to dry up. Usually on the third day. This is the time to apply Vitamin E oil to keep the top layer from drying. You want to keep that scab from drying and the Vit E oil will keep it moist. That way, it won’t crack the dried up scab when moving around.

I mixed the Bacitracin ointment with Vitamin E oil (28,000 IU), 50/50 mix, and applied it for a week. After that, I just use the plain Vit E oil to keep the skin from drying up.

Why Vitamin E oil?
When I was doing my due diligence on how to treat a big patch of missing skin, a lot of this websites recommended Vitamin E lotion or balm. So when I went to a Beauty shop, I asked for Vitamin E lotion or balm but they didn’t have any. The saleslady asked me what is it for and I showed her my arm with missing patches of skin and she said, try this. This is what women use to hide the scars after surgery, you know, C-sec and B enlargement.
I gave it a try and the results are good. ....and no, it didn't enlarge my breast. teeheehehe