Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2008 Trek Madone

New 2008 Trek Madone Frame
Frame in photo is still unpainted. 3 things very different. 1. Integrated headset with 1.5 inch lower bearing. 2. Integrated bottom bracket with drop in bearings & Madone goes to 90mm from 68mm Bottom Bracket width allowing dramatic improvements in bottom bracket rigidity. 3. Seatpost that slide over the frame adding comfort since the new assemble is designed to have about 0.7cm of flex when you encounter something hard. Seatpost comes in 2 lengths and 3 offsets.
Madone has 2 fits, the Performance and Pro fit. The geometry and materials are identical the only difference is that the Performance fit has a front end that is 3cm taller than the Pro version

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