Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back is Jack

... or that should have been "Jack is Back".

I just checked the 10 day forecast and Sunday the 15th shows a high of 76 degrees, perfect temp to re-visit Sierra Road.

I also checked Starbucks by Auto Mall and Fremont Blvd and they open at 6:30 so we'll meet around 6:30 with a roll time of 7am to escape some of the heat on top of Sierra. Remember, we got cooked on that day due to a late start.

So here it is folks... A taste of Sierra Road part deux.

Meeting Place:REI / Home Depot in South Fremont by Auto Mall pkwy and Fremont Blvd. Meeting Time: 6:30AM Roll by 7:00am


MadoneLemon said...

Lets lock and load. See you there.

johnv said...

sayang wala ako this weekend,siguro sa giro d barkada na lang tayo mag ride,have fun..

fuji said...

madone, ride ako sa 'yo

Jay said...

Noobie ako. Susubukan ko maka join kayo for the first time sa Sierra. Na meet ko na si Cezar, Jack, Rodge and Tony. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

welcome aboard jay!
el-jacko: out-of-twn kami this weekend, but u guys have fun, easy on the downhills; couldn't talk2u that night, i was reversing in a parking lot with a manual tranny and taking 2 kids bak 2 their me up wen u can..-manny

fuji said...

this blog is for Adolfo Antioch... sama ka sa sunday sierra? let me know. whats ur email add?

Cesar said...


Right after Sierra, are you still taking Calaveras to 84 and back to REI via Mission Blvd.? If so, since I will start @ 8:15, I will go the opposite direction (+ Palomares) until I spot you guys. That is, I'll go up 84, Palomares, Foothill and Calaveras.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

C, 10-4 on that.

I mean, yes sir, daz the plan. Depending on how everybody feels by the time we reach Sunol, we might try Foothill and backside of Palomares on the way home. You might want to skip Palomares/Foothill on your route so you can "pull us" from Calaveras :) and we'll tackle Foothill/Palomares. Between you and Jay doing the pull, I think we can do this. hehehe 'wag niyo lang kaming iwanan.

Anonymous said...

hindi ako pwede, I have lower back injury, sideline muna ako for a while 'till I'll recover, have fun,


Mang Kiko said...

Komusta po!

I (and maybe 1 or 2 other riders) will try to meet up with you guys somewhere between Scott Creek and Sierra.

BTW Rodge, Rommel ordered 1 small jersey for me and said to give you a check for $22 (remind me about it on Sunday in case I forget)... thanks