Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Death Ride 2007

Siclistas Take On the Death Ride 2007

The “Death Ride” is a 1-day event ride that covers a distance of 129 miles with 5 mountain passes and 15,000 vertical feet of climbing. The ride starts at elevation 6200’ and reaches a peak elevation of 8730’. As the riders complete each pass, a sticker is affix to their jersey number. When all five passes are completed, the rider is awarded a pin for his/her effort.

Two Siclistas, JohnnyBoy and BobbyG took on the challenge and completed all 5 passes.

This is JohnnyBoy’s 2nd 5-pass pin, he got his 1st one in 1997 Death Ride.

BobbyG got his 2nd 5-pass pin as well, his 1st one was in the 1995 Death Ride.

JohnnyBoy all smiles on the Carson Pass!

BobbyG on east side of Monitor.

Yeah! 5 passes done!

5 pass riders get to autograph the poster which will be displayed along with the previous years "Death Rides" at the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce.

2007 Death Ride Pin


john_m said...

AWESOME RIDE GUYS!!! And still looking fresh at the end. :-)

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Good one guys.
What do I need to do to be able to join you guys on the next one? More saddle time?


john_m, katulad ng payo ko sa iyo iho, magpakabait ka na para payagan ka ni kumander na maglakwatsa paminsan minsan :)

BobbyG said...

Thanks for the comment john_m. I actually stopped and freshen up! ;).

Jack, Primavera, Sequoia, Giro d Peninsula centuries, Sierra Rd, Tunitas Creek Rd, Welch Creek Rd, Mt. Hamilton and yes more saddle time. And of course permission from the mrs. ;)

Johnny said...


It would be great if a large group of Siclistas did this ride. The nice thing is that it really is open for all rider/condition levels with all 2-5 passes really being optional. It is relatively easy to adjust your plan along the way since you are never really that far from the starting point because passes 1-4 are not that far from the start area.

Plus camping in this area with the group would certainly be a load of fun and laughter. We normally stay at Grover Hot Springs that has very clean facilities along with a pool and of course hot springs :) for the aching muscles. Did I mention it is beautiful up there?

Johnny said...

One thing to consider too is that this could be a family event so the wife/kids could come to have fun camping and at the same time supporting the riders :) I think there were 27 of us at one point (just about my whole extended family) up there.

BobbyG said...

Johnny is right about one thing, it is beautiful up there. The camping experience is great for the family. The campground always gets full close to the Death Ride and if camping is in the plan, make your plans early to reserve a campsite. We usually reserve ours in January. As Johnny said, you choose you goals on this ride. Whether its 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 passes the choice is yours.

BTW, we were 30 total at the campground both young and old enjoyed it. I think we drove our neighbors crazy with our BBQ! :)

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

"It would be great if a large group of Siclistas did this ride."
That right there should get the Siclista blood going.

Camping with the family is totally different than with a group of friends. Been there, done that. Talk about driving your neighbors crazy, we played mah-jong 'til 6 in the morning. Imagine hearing those mah-jong pieces banging around at 2 in the morning.

Siclistas, let's talk about goingg to the Death Ride on our next group ride.

Bobby and Johnny, isn't there a lottery to get in to the DR?

Johnny said...

Yes there is a lottery but there are ways to increase your chances. I for one had my wife also register so our chances of getting selected doubled. In case both of us got selected then we'd have an extra ticket for another buddy like Bob or Dennis or some other friend. If not there are plenty of others drooling to get this extra ticket off of you. Between a good group of folks between the siclistas and their respective halves, chances of getting quite a few tickets is pretty darn good :)

From what I gathered from the numbers you have a 2/3 chance of getting a ticket which is good by itself. In fact me, Bob, Dennis and a coworker all got into the 2/3 group :)

BTW fishing for fresh trout is also excellent there for those of you looking to bite into freshly grilled/steamed fish :P

johnv said...

that was good guys riding and camping looks like we have the same hobbies if you gonna join next year let me know Im in.