Monday, September 24, 2007

Century ride with Bike Forum report

This century will have to be one of the "to do", or should I say "must do" ride for the group. Ibang klase. It's one of those pedal until you puke kinda ride. Walang stop lights or signs for about 40 miles. At ang masarap na part, maalat alat na fresh air from the pacific ocean ang nalalanghap. I bet you, this is JohnM's territory, get on aero position and just pedal.
BF bike report with pictures.
We pretty much crashed the party huh? with JR providing the entertainment ;)
"Superunleaded's group was like a party"

Thank you kay Rico/Niel/Spok/JR for doing most of the pull. And then there's Romeo asking for Juliet's phone number :) 'musta na birthday boy? hahaha
Siyempre, yong dalawang El Presidente na naka sitenta milyahe eh thank you rin kahit hindi ninyo kami binigyan ng ice cream:) Congratulations nga pala kay Gerry and Nancy for doing a flat century ride(according to Spok, flat ride daw hahaha).

Pics from Niel


Benjie said...

Romy kahit hindi ka nag babasa ng blog dito sa group, thank you so very much sa haponesa at sa sushi, Roger Thank you sa Reb wine, Jack Thank you sa lunch and for the nice, safe, good ride, sayang hindi ko na uwi si juliet, Again Thank you so much Siclista.

MadoneLemon said...

Right Jack, Lets do it again. Hope i can make it next time. Great breathtaking scenery along PCH/HWY 1.Superunleaded anyone?

john_m said...

jack. nice pics! sayang hindi ako nakasama. 40 miles of flat ba? sounds like my kind of road. something came up last minute but hopefully we can do it again next time.

SiNielito said...

Here are more pix from the ride. Let me know if you want copies, DO NOT BUY for them.

As far as the ride went, we had a great time. The weather, the scenery, and the group ride
was perfect. Many thanks to Bikefourm, Jack and everyone, especially to JR for the entertainment. Kwela talaga!

This is my first century ride for the year and the first one for some of us (Jerry, Nancy and Rico).

The terrain was mostly flat and there were a few challenging hills but nothing that the group can't handle.
Some riders were fast some were slow, but we got over the top. Thanks to JR for his aggressive
riding on the climbs to pull us to the top. Around 20+ mile, we had to stop due to a punctured tire and it was nothing a dollar can't fix..he he. I think for most of the group, it was a welcomed stop, at least for me... I knew I could use that breather.

The fifty mile mark came and it was lunch time...yeah! Soup was great. After an hour, it was time to hit the road again.

On the way back, Benji and Rico broke away from the group on a fast climb. I tried to keep up and I did, but not for long. They slowly pulled away until they we're no longer in sight. I was not sure if should wait for the rest of the group, ride my pace, or just hammer it and catch up. I decided to slow down and wait for the group and look for a good resting area when I saw Rico going back and Benji on the corner waiting. I stopped with Benji waited for the group for a little while.

The rest of the group came and we joined them again. I decided to ride a slower pace this time to conserve energy. Spock, Benji and Jack rode a faster pace and broke away from the group until we can't see them anymore. A hill came up and I decided to hammer a little bit to reach the top. I heard JR behind me and I thought he was going to keep up but not for long.
I felt ready to pump it and I did, next thing I knew, the three guys were on my sight...a very far sight. I dropped to high gear and slowly narrowed the gap. I felt my legs burn and I'd slow down a bit, then up a again... I had to catch up. I saw them taking turns to take the head wind, the more it was harder to catch up. A hill came up and they slowed down and since
I had good momentum start of the climb, I passed Benji then Jack. Spock hammered to the peak
and slowed down during small descent. Finally, I caught up with Spock, and I thought to myself, what a relief, now I can rest a bit. Big mistake! Another hill came up, I tried to pick up the speed a bit to get to the top and Spock hammered up the hill
to pass me up....and he never let go off the gas pedal anymore. He pulled away slowly until he was gone. That guy had plenty of gas left and I was almost empty as I can feel little bit of cramps.

Mile 100 came. I was approaching the parking lot and Spock was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, Jack and Benji arrived then Spock. He took a wrong route...the scenic route...he he.. It pays to have the map! The rest of the guys came in, JR, Rico, then Nancy and Jerry.

Maaaaaan, that was heck of FUN! We need to do that again.

As for Jerry and Nancy, my hats off to both of you for finishing the 100mile mark. Next time
we know what to expect on these century rides.