Thursday, January 24, 2008

Siclista Rides (under construction)

Default Rides ... * = meeting place approx #miles
Siclista Ride #1 * Alvarado Niles Train Station 29 - Niles Canyon, Palomares, 5 Canyons
Siclista Ride #2 * Newark Java 44- Dumbarton, Edgewood, Canada Rd, Whiskey-Sand Hill
Siclista Ride #3 * Jollibee - Mission Blvd, Crow Canyon, San Ramon, Dublin Canyon
Siclista Ride #4 * Jollibee 30 - Paseo Padre, Cherry, Boyce-Cushing, Grimmer, Warm Springs, E Warren, Mission Blvd, Niles
Siclista Ride #5 * Alvarado-Niles Train Station 39 - Calaveras Loop clockwise
Fremont weather *** rain cancels ride. we'll go and eat tapsilog instead

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PAKSIW rides
50 Miles * REI - Around Fremont
Kings Mountain * Page Mill / 280 36
Calaveras-Palomares loop * Alvarado-Niles Train Station 57
Primavera Metric Century * Logan High School 61
Giro de Barkada 1 * Lake del Valle 70
Lake Chabot loop * Lake Chabot - Redwood Rd. Pinehurst Skyline Blvd. *work in progress
Pleasanton to Lake del Valle *Abbie St - 16 miles 1way
JolliBee to Pleasanton/Livermore * JolliBee 50
Dumbo to Woodside * Newark Java 48

Canada > Kings Mt. > OLH * 92/Canada 38 / 4k
Canada > OLH > HiWay 84 and back > Skyline > Down Kings Mt. * 92/Canada 42 / 2k
Canada > OLH > Alpine > Junipero > Arastadero > Sand Hill Loop * 92/Canada 55 / 4.2k

Diet Lechon rides - miles/feet
Edgewood > OLH > HiWay 1 > Tunitas Creek Loop * Edgewood\Canada 44 /4.5k

Edgewood > OLH > Alpine > Joaquin Loop * Edgewood\Canada 34 / 3.7k
Sierra-C Wall-Welch * Golfland in Milpitas 47/6.5k - Sierra to Welch Creek
Pleasanton to Mines Road/Junction * Abbie St - 37 miles 1way / 4k - 1/2way Backside of Mt. Hamilton
125miles 13k feet - * ughhh - Death Ride training route

Sinigang Rides
Milpitas > Calaveras > Felter > Alum Rock > Crothers * Golfland in Milpitas ride to start of map
Penitencia > Alum Rock park > Mt. Hamilton * Penitencia Creek 44 /


Manny Dex(strose) said...

lookin' very nice jack..nice job! may i suggest one small footnote attached to the list saying that rain cancels ride..i take it also that on damp days (based on forecasts, weather conditions like prior day rain) a scheduled hilly ride for that week can be pre-empted by a flat ride..this sunday we lucked out since the paseo-cushing-grimmer ride (siclista ride #4) is scheduled w/c is a flat ride. as a scenario as per your previous note a "weather-watcher" can check out the forecast for that week and if rain falls on the prior day (saturday before the sunday ride), he or she can post his or her flat ride, or choose from your boilerplate list pre-empting a scheduled hilly ride for that sunday..just another jolly(bee) suggestion;-), thnx jack

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

keep those suggestions coming guys.
this is going to be one heck of a project but with everyones help, we can put up a nice list.
there are a lot of rides that I wanted to add but I am not too familiar with the routes, ie: JohnV's Livermore rides(all of them, puro masarap na masakit pag naghatawan na), TonyL's route with that brute Skyline and so on. It'll be a "work in progress" kinda thing. I'll pick everyones brains next time we get together for sure to get this list going. BobbyG and Johnnyboy, do you guys have a .tcx to gpx. converter by any chance? It'll make adding routes to this list easier if the route has been ridden before with those g305 computers :)

Manny Dex(strose) said...

jack, another added suggestion (your todo list is getting bigger:-) add a couple more flat rides to the list. as of now the paseo-grimmer ride is the only flat ride, with the current weather conditions being more conducive to non-hilly rides a tad more variety on the flat type rides would do us wonders on these damp, cold days..

Rodge said...

Jack, Puede paki palitan mo yong Ride #5 kasi pareho lang ng Calaveras Palomares Loop gawin mo na lang Meet Alvarado Niles Train Station Niles Canyon, Sunol, Calaveras, Evans, Jacklin, Warm Spring, Warren, Mission Blvd. Para magkaiba Thanks. Too much work pasensiya ka na. we appreciate it.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Manny, I'm out of flat rides. Do you have any flat routes that I can add?

Rodge, No worries. Even if it takes 3months or 1year to do this list, I think we can use it even if its under construction. We'll just keep adding routes to the list. But of course, I'm going to need input from the group :)

Rodge said...

Jack Ride 2 from willow turn left on Laurel (by park restroom) next left on Glenwood-Valparaiso to Alameda. Simplier route & we can use the restroom. If this can help. Thanks

SiNielito said...

Hi guys,

How about including this ride in the HILL schedule:

Start in Milpitas (starbucks in Park Victoria), then Calaveras to Piedmont, up Sierra Road, down to Calaveras, forward to Sunol, up Welch road, back to Calaveras and Milpitas.

46m. with two big hills.

Here's a link from MTBR with the hill profile.


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Niel, looks like Johnnyboy got that mapped out already But it starts by the GolfLand in Milpitas. 680/Jacklin. I'll add that to the list.

JohnnyBoy said...

Wow - you guys are going to climb Welch Creek Road? When? That is surely one tough mama that is sure to burn you up even in the tough cold weather out there. Freshly paved though so that is a very good thing.

I have a bunch of bikely routes already and may be able to help out there. Would it make sense to put the compiled route list on our website after all is said and done?

Johnnyboy said...

With all this talk about hills you guys are making me start to think that all the holiday baggage I put on is gonna hurt me badly. I gained over 10lbs since the Death Ride last July.

Good stuff to look forward to so now I'm a little more motivated to get some saddle time. Now only if the weather will cooperate :(

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

JB, I was reluctant to add all your bikely maps, until I get your okay, I will populate the list with your maps for sure.
Welch Creek? ughhh... talk to Niel :) :) :)

JohnnyBoy said...

OK here are some ride suggestions:

Palo Alto/SM: 92 > Canada > Kings Mt > OLH

38 miles with ~ 3500-4000ft climbing

Palo Alto/SM: Edgewood > OLH > Hi 1 > Tunitas Creek Loop

I like this ride. 44 Miles with 4500 ft of climbing.

Palo Alto/SM: 92 > OLH > Backside of OLH to 84and back up > Skyline > Down Kings Mt

42 Miles with approximate 2000 ft of climbing

Milpitas/Fremont: Old Calaveras > Calaveras > Sunol > Welch Creek > Return via Calaveras > Felter Road > Return

50 miles with 6500ft of climbing

Milpitas/Fremont: Sierra > Sunol > Foothill Loop

60 miles with 4500ft of climbing

Milpitas/Fremont: Calaveras > Sunol > Palomares

42 miles with 3700ft of climbing. This route is one way only. Short way home is to go down niles and back to start or if you are training for a century you go back the same way you came.

This was mentioned already and shouldn't be done til midseason form: Sierra > Calaveras > Sunol > Welch Creek

47 Miles with 6500ft of tough climbing.

Alum Rock Park > Hamilton

44 miles

Milpitas > Calaveras > Felter > Alum Rock > Crothers

31.5 miles with 3700 ft of climbing

After Crothers you can continue up Hamilton Road as an option.

Palo Alto: Edgewood Road > OLH > Alpine > Joaquin Loop

33.6 miles with 3700ft of climbing

Palo Alto: 92 > Canada > OLH > Alpine > Junipero > Arastadero > Sand Hill Loop

55.4 miles with 4165ft of climbing

and for you crazy riders doing the Death Rider this year here is something to shoot for :P

125 miles with 13000 feet of climbing.

Johnnyboy said...


On the Death Ride training route I would suggest just doing multiple sections of it at a time rather than the whole thing. Work up to perhaps around a 90 mile route as your target.

In hindsight, actually I would recommend long climbs rather than the short ones because all of the climbs on the deathride are all of the long type from 7-10 mile climbs (ugghhh). So essentially you'll need to tune in your body and riding approach to long rides rather than the tough short ones in which most of the climbs in this route i gave are. I would think a climb like hamilton or diablo are better suited as training climbs for the deathride so maybe you can do these in some multiple as your training target.

Bob is also doing the Deathride this year. Besides you who else is in? I'll be rooting you guys from the sideline this time :)

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

I'm not sure if I'm going yet but I put in 3 tix for the drawing. Manny mentioned he reg'd too but not sure for how many riders.

Manny D said...

johhnyB welcome back to the my all these tuf climbs w/c as u mentioned in passing are probably better suited to the in-season timeframe...any suggstions for LSD rides..jack we could probably do variations of the mission-grimmer (i.e., reverse) or extend it out to milpitas (something to build the base miles)..4 the deathride i only registered myself (shoud've done 4 2 riders:-(, tend to agree w johnny on using diablo or hamilton (one of my ride colleagues does diablo 3x, up and down to simulate the death ride or least 3 passes thereof) 4 now as a suggestions (feb timeframe) let's do some base building w more "tame" but long rides, starting march we can phase in the tougher climbs.."death ride" is still in july so we have time..;-)

Johnnyboy said...

Jack - I hope that I didn't discourage you. You gotta at least give it a try once.

Also remember that all the passes (after the first) are optional and a 3 pass target is a well reasonable accomplishment in itself. When you've completed 3 passes and you still have mental gusto then you can go onto the 4th and same with the 5th. Basically you can drop off at any point because the stop point at Turtle Rock is at the center of all the passes.

Manny - work on speed too on the flats with some intervals and long hard time trial type of sessions. Do these type of intervals 2x per week. This will obviously help your speed but also raise your anaerobic threshold and also raise your ability to work at high threshold. You can work these on flats or on light climbs like calaveras sunol coming from the Sunol Park side. But of course get some decent base miles first before the real strenuous stuff.

Saying doing intervals is hard to do on your own so maybe you and Jack can ride and push each other.

Johnnyboy said...

I would also suggest to consider higher cadence climbing to save your legs for a long haul such as the Death Ride. With that it is still early in the season to make adjustments in your pedalling technique and approach. Try upping your cadence in every type of ride you do and perhaps maybe even do some spinning intervals to help smoothen out the stroke.

Manny D said...

well put, mr.'ve pretty much tailored a training program for myself and jack, the key words being cadence, form and intervals!! thanks also for validating the precursor to all this which is the basebuilding's also hoping 4 nice biking weather!

SiNielito said...

Dang...being a noobie to road riding, I thought all I have to do is pedal as hard as I can until I reach the summit then let go of the brakes and enjoy...he he... I have more to learn, thanks to you guys....Niel

BobbyG said...

Looks like JB got most of the routes laid out. Only suggestion I have is to spread out the start locations. Have some up north and some south.

Johnnyboy said...

Hi Niel,

That shouldn't stop ya from experiencing everything :P. Well anyways yeah Welch is tough enough where for some walking in some sections might be faster than biking or might be the only option LOL. If ya have a triple then shouldn't be as much of an issue but will still be tough on the legs and lungs. Definately a hallmark climb in your mountain list if ya can finish it so it is definalely something to shoot for. If for anything you might want to at least climb the first portions of it to get an idea or even take a drive over there. From what I remember, at mile 1.75 five it really kicks up and probably averages around 16-19% for 3 tenths of a mile with not a foot of break. Once you turn the first bend and look up it is demoralizing to see the length of steepness in front of ya.

Ride on!

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

I'm getting drowned with all the info and suggestions coming in :) LOL

BobbyG, how far south should we start?
Southern most part of Fremont is either REI/Home Depot by Automall or Longs/Albertsons by Mission. The Golfland in Milpitas looks like a good staging area.