Saturday, April 12, 2008

F.A.C.T. Invitation: Padyakan sa Fresno 2008

Subject: Re: Padyakan sa Fresno / Please forward to everyone.
To All: Kindly forward this email to SINOKAMI SICLISTA, My Tropa, Tracy Riders etc....I hope a good participation from all Fil-Am Cyclist would help this event. This is our formal invitation from FACT.

My dear fellow roadies,

On behalf of Fil-American Cycling Team (F.A.C.T.) and in cooperation with the Fresno Cycling Club (host of Climb to Kaiser and Bass Lake Double Century), we wish to invite you here in Fresno for a spring fun ride "Padyakan sa Fresno 2008" to be held on April 19, 2008 at 7am.

As promised, we are hosting this event to strengthen our acquaintances, and to reinvigorate our camaraderie, and most importantly, to renew our spirit of goodwill.

This bike ride is about 55 miles with about 3,800' of elevation gain. The ride officially starts at 7am (Saturday, April 19) at Selma M. Layne Park and lazily wanders to the country road then slowly climb to the foothills of Prather. From there we head back for a long downhill, and go west ward to the steep majestic hills of Sky Harbor Road, overlooking the Millerton Lake and the Friant Dam. At the end of this road, we will ride back and crawl our way out from Sky Harbor Road to the long but mostly flat stretch of Friant Road heading towards the start/finish.

This is not a race. There is no time limit. We would like you to have a safe and wonderful bike journey to our 'backyards' (where we train for our Climb to Kaiser event). There will be 2 water stops and 2 major rest stops for your convenience . SAGs will be cruising the route to guide us or to provide assistance whenever needed.
Numerous surprise awards/gifts await our lucky riders during our lunch program.
Please kindly provide us the headcount of your participating riders 2 weeks prior to our event.

For further details, please contact Tito Geronimo at home:(559)433-8577 cell:(559)217-9485 email:

We are anxiously looking forward to biking with you.

Sincerely yours and warmest regards,

Dennis Tiu

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johnV said...

sali na siclista group lets ride

johnV said...

To my fellow siclista's i got confirm riders that will go to this padyak fresno the riders are romy,tonylemond,roger,jojom,benjie,of course mee.pls confirm me on this comment.thanks

Rodge said...

JohnV, Di pa ako sigurado I have work on fridays and saturdays.

johnV said...

Rodge,just let me know early

Manny D said...

johnv, sorry can't make this..daughter's cathechism evry sat

BobbyG said...

I'm am planning to attend this ride, but I will be leaving the bay area early Saturday morning and drive down. I have room to bring additional riders to the event, but with one caveat, I will NOT BE RETURNING to the bay area and will continue on to my final destination San Luis Obispo to attend a family function Sunday. So this is a one way trip for any you that may want to hitch a ride.

I spoke with JohnV and you might be able to catch a return trip back with him but please contact him and confirm. As I understand, he is leaving for Fresno on Friday night. I plan to leave Saturday morning no later then 3AM to attend this event.

JohnV I have the address of the Selma Layne Park at 2065 E. Shepherd Ave, Fresno, CA can you confirm this and notify the organizers of the additional headcount? --Thanks

johnV said...

BobbyG,thanks for the address to the padyakan fresno i check the miles and travel it takes 3 hrs and its 165 miles. by the way guys i hope that theres no saturday mandatory ot at my work.on that day.

Anonymous said...

LUZVIMIN will also be represented guys. There will about 7 riders confirmed.

Frank Gatdula

johnv said...

Siclista group coming with me on the RV will share gas,food,drinks and bring your own pillow.the journey will leave friday 18 at 8:00 pm we will spend a night at fresno.Thanks

MadoneLemon said...

Thanks, i will start packing up now.

kid kulaki! said...

go guys! cant make it this time, enjoy and have a great ride!