Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Media Frenzy - by CeasarG

2008 AToC Prologue race report by CeasarG

After his individual time trial 4th place finish, Levi Liepheimer dons team Astana's white long-sleeve jersey. Thereafter, he rolls toward my direction. As he closes to about 4 feet, news reporters halt him for an interview. There I am caught in the middle of a media frenzy. Around me, I see reporters & camera men alike with their dangling "Tour of Amgen media passes."

As they pursue with their interrogation, snap shots with their foot-long, lensed S.L.R. & aim with their sophisticated video cams, I face a dilema. I am perplexed whether to dash out to the curbside where I belong as a spectator or hold my ground and blend in with the newscasters. I opt for the latter. Dwarfed by its gigantic counterparts, I unzip my miniature Cannon Power Shot from its protective pouch. Momentarily, I aim from its built-in liquid crystal display & start clicking.

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