Sunday, February 24, 2008

No free ride (what a day-time drama unfolding on stage 6, but first some thoughts..

it's on this type of unpredictable wind and downpour that one is tempted to "ride on" to reminisce the rain-drenched, wind-howling amgen seaside to san luis obispo stage 4, but even those supermen riders succumbed to the cold and wet, with a casualty of more than a dozen riders falling ill to hypothermia and/or a stomach bug, and for the rest that stayed, they battled the pacific winds which hampered and delayed this stage completion by an additional two hours compared to last year's completion time when it was sunny as it normally was(?) in caleeforneeah ...then there's that all-out sprint near the finish in yesterday's stage six with stage4 winner dominique rollin taking on a much too early jump, and was soon eclipsed by bettini, jj, pagliarini and cavendish, but yesterday's stage race had an unfamiliar and unfolding twist where first place finisher sir cavendish was relegated to last place, and pagliarini took on the first place free ride say the ride officials when they yelled foul with cavendish hanging on to a team car to recoup time loss after the crash (cavendish was said to have swerved into cipo, and fast freddie absorbed the brunt of the collision, as he crashed head first after plowing into cipo - what a mess and i hope freddie's ok).

let's see who wins today's final stage and of course the overall win - any guesses?? i'll start off with gesink for the stage (7) win, and mr. levi for the overall.. ride safely gents of the toc!

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