Friday, March 7, 2008

Solvang Century

The Solvang Century ride started out with morining fog. Within 1/2 hour of starting the ride it pretty much cleared up and we had a wonderful day. The designated reststops had adequate facilities and stock well with food and drink. Sag support IMHO leaned toward minimal. Traffic control provided by CHP made crossing the intersections a breeze. Headwind & crosswind was abundant on this ride. Climbs were not too difficult. Our group comprised 10 riders from Siclista and Tropa riders.

2008 Solvang Century at EveryTrail

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Elevation Chart:

GPS Stats Recorded:
Total Miles: 101.46 miRide
Time: 6:37:08
Total Ascent: 5369 ft

Photos available on Flickr


MadoneLemon said...

Have a good ride guys and Godsped.

BobbyG said...

Thanks! If the weather stays as good as it is now, I'm sure will have a good ride!

Anonymous said...

heys guys can i have some of my favorite salmon? enjoy Guys, how i wish to join yo'll...jomo

Anonymous said...

Wow I could taste that salmon. Well I wish i could be with you guys, but somebody got to work. Enjoy the event and ride safely.
Ed Lising

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Ride safe guys, keep the rubber side down.

Johnny said...

Small world - I was in spinning class and met Jerry and Nancy this last Thursday and found out they are Siclista and doing the Solvang too.

Ride on!

Manny D said...

congrats guys what a milestone!

Dana said...

Nice pictures - I feel like I was there. Oh wait - I was! It was a great ride.