Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heads up on Palomares-Five canyons route

Just a heads up on one of Siclista's favorite routes, the "Palomares-FiveCanyons" (Siclista route #1 on Jack's list of routes).

Once you get to the downhill part of Hayward Blvd (after climbing up Five canyons), there is that mini-sidewalk ramp on the left side of Hayward blvd that lets you cut over to the Cal State campus and eventually to Harder blvd. From all appearances, the ramp looks normal, BUT if you go over the ramp with your bike (especially on a downhill momentum), you will drop about half a foot down because beyond the ramp on the other side of the sidewalk (which is not visible from Hayward blvd), the whole access path to the campus is all but gone, dugged-up, roto-tilled, caput. If you want to avoid an unplanned mishap, do not use the ramp, or carry your bike over the ramp.

I just did the loop this morning (to make up for missing tomorrow's ride), and coming down Hayward blvd, there was enough bi-directional traffic to slow me down before turning left into the ramp, and was able to peer over the other side of the ramp, so yes, I did carry my bike over the dugged-up remains of what was a paved access path. They may be building a new access path, but until then watch out and carry your bikes over this ramp.


johnV said...

Manny,thanks for the advice thats a safety the way looks like your been hammering a lot save some for me.hahahaha

MadoneLemon said...

Thanks for the notice. Looks like your are in for the hammer fest and spiritual fest as well with your daughter as one of the princess. LOL. See you on the road.

Manny D said...

You're welcome guys..the festival went well hard to believe how i blinked my eyes and went from kindergarten to highschool..johnv lemme know what your plan is for the death ride training..i'm thinking of phasing in a 60-80-100-120 mile rides 4 the next 4 weeks, if u hav any suggestions lemme know..

Manny D said...

p.s. btw these rides are all climbs.. i was thinking for the 60-miler we can do mines in livermore, or as anothr option, bong suggested doing palomares-five canyons 2x, forward then reverse (once we get down to mission from harder, go back up harder and backtrack to palomares then to 84), this would be a tad under 60 miles.