Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nice ride guys on palomares-five canyons

..that was a nice ride, thanks all for coming! Bong, Lising brothers Rollie and Ed, JohnM, TonyMadone, TonyFuji and Mr. Frank. At least three in the group were pressed for time - Frank, JohnM and TonyFuji, but all of us managed to finish the Palomares-Five canyons loop safe and sound. Day started out overcast but became very sunny and nice at around 10am). Boy, did I and everyone else miss that camaraderie, laughter, and the usual jokes;-)

Have a nice Sunday guys (see you in church!:-) -regards, Manny


john_m said...

nice pace mr. manny. i made it just in time to get 2 seats in the usually jam packed St. Anne's. Nice ride everyone!

PS. We saw a familiar car parked in Niles when we got back. Did we miss someone (o baka nag solo lang) ;-)

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

john_m, glad 2 nowe u wer abl 2 atend the christening on tym..tis schejul seems 2 suit the erly birds wel, wich is roll b4 8 & back by 11-ish in tym 4 da noontym servis.