Monday, June 2, 2008

Sequoia Century

Sequoia 2008
Siclista at Sequoia Metric Century June 1 2008, 6130 ft. of climbing.
We started the Sequoia metric century ride late, 8:35am from Veterans Palo Alto. The first 10 miles was a long steep climb at Page Mill Rd to Skyline, then we descend to Sky Londa and West 84 to the first rest stop at Pescadero. The next stage of the ride was another long climb at West Alpine going back to Skyline. Cesar, Bill & Manny bailed out here and went back down Page Mill Rd. The rest continued the ride south to Hwy 9 junction (Fire Station Rest Stop) After a much needed rest and carbo load we head down to Saratoga Gap. We had few minutes delay with Nancy not around Jerry's bike starts following blond riders, or maybe he wants to add more miles to his ride (joke only), missing the turn at Pierce Rd to Mt. Eden Rd, Steven Canyon Rd. Once we were on the flat section of Foothill Rd we pushed the pace 101% effort, drafting on anyone who pickup the pace until we reached Veterans. Some none Siclista riders hanged on to our wheels and blowing some off the back. The ride has a total of 6130ft. of climbing. Finisher: Romy, TonyC, Jack, Gonzalo, JR, Spak, Bong, Jerry, JojoW and yours truely :)


Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

now that was a nice metric, not to mention the day turned out really sunny..had 2 bail out aftr climbing apline (and pagemill) to go home & take my kids somewer, but those two climbs, page mill and alpine were very steep and long...thx for all the eats, rodge, romy, tonyM - at the rest stop..really helped get my opal up alpine...comin down pagemill (on the way bak) was like flying down a steep ravine, its good i had cesr and bill lead down that trecherous descent..nice ride, nice pics!!

johnV said...

Well done siclista's another achievement.see you next time..