Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FYI Temporary Bike Path Closures

For those of you who commute by bike near Redwood City, FYI.

The Bike/Ped path that runs parallel to the east side of Highway 101 between Skyway Road and Whipple Avenue will be temporarily closed at various times between July 21 and August 13, 2008 while the contractor retrofits the existing pipeline

For more info visit Redwood City website or read this PDF flyer.


JohnnyBoy said...

Paging Gonzalo

Here is the Bay Trail Route I told you about. Generally it is a very fast ride because of tailwind. The Bay Trail is broken up in many parts so you have to go onto the roads with cars here and there but generally there is only one section that I consider hairy and that is on the East Bayshore Road in Redwood City just after Seaport. Other than that it is a pretty nice route considering that we are in an urban area meaning there are minimal cars to deal with especially when using the Bay Trail.

Hope this helps you a lot and let me know what time in general you will be using this route so maybe we can ride together. BobbyG starts from Burlingame and is only maybe 2-3 miles from you so maybe you can start with him and I usually meet up with him in the Oracle area of the Bay Trail. That would be good so that you can become familiar with the route.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

JB, you might want to bounce it off of Gonzalo when you see him since I'm not sure if he checks the blogsite that often.

JohnnyBoy said...

Not sure when I will see Gonzalo but if you or any of you see him can you direct him to this post - thanks.

And BTW I forgot the link LOL:

johnnyboy said...

Or if you can please email me his email to