Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Siclista Weekend Warrior Challenge 6/13/08

Congrats to the winners as well as the finishers of Sunday’s Siclista Weekend Warrior Challenge. The stimulating route originates in Newark Java to the infamous Old La Honda (OLH) ascent, then back to the point of origin. Here is the synopsis.

At 8a.m., the enthusiasts rolled at a conversational pace. It was peaceful until four ambitious bunch breakaway as they approach the turbulence plagued Dumbarton Bridge (DB). On one hand, Jack precariously heads the leaders. On the other hand, the peloton maintains its complacency. There is strength in numbers. Thus, the peloton can easily reel the leaders in and swallow them alive. This group is confident that the attack was too early. Shortly thereafter just a few miles after the DB descent, sure enough the quartet was caught.

Rodge distresses the peaceful peloton. He sets a gutsy pace to grab the first Green Jersey at the Arastradero’s final hump. Grinding a very heavy gear, he demolishes anyone who tried to outpace him. Unfortunately, he calls it a day leaving no chance to defend his title. A word of caution, they are ought to test you again next time around.

They are now in Portola Loop. Jack attacks again. This guy is so aggressive; he redlines his heart rate every effort he takes. Organizers scrambles for an award dedicated to him. He initiates the Red Jersey—the most aggressive rider.

Spencer, the newly-wed, is not his day. Every time he attempts to cover attacks or endeavors a sprint, his chain drops. He blames his prodigal brother, Jr., for tampering the precise adjustment of his rig.

A hard left to OLH, the peloton scales the biggest ascent of the day. A rider with a noticeable climbing prowess is no other than Jerry, the other half of Nancy, wins the Polka Dot Jersey. The Maharlikan spins his way up OLH. He is the first one to crest. To celebrate, this victorious mountain goat even turns around at the summit and descends to check on laggers.

I call him the luckiest man alive because his significant other rides bike with him. Of course, Nancy receives the Pink Jersey. She withstands any male pedal power to this day. Indeed, she outperforms most of the guys on flats and climbs.

The rest of the leg is the rolling Skyline Boulevard down to eerie 84 East then back track to Newark. I enjoy this descent, so I lead. I catch three slow moving motorcyclists. I pass all of them and became their rabbit. I carve the hairpin turns and sprint straight-aways. I hear their engine roar and so I push some more. Man, that is exhilarating.

On our way home, we face a hurdle: the turbulent DB. This time it is cross and head wind. However, it did not stop Jack and John M, the Red Jersey and White Jersey (best young rider) laureates accordingly. On the other side, it was flat but still experiencing violent winds. It was Jack and John M head-to-head to the finish. However, Gonzalo, another Green Jersey victor, snags their aspirations.

Special thanks to Roy, Romy, Tony Fuji and Tony Madone for pulling the peloton together to work as a single unit.

Folks, this is just a precursor to a more challenging ride ahead. I will post the details of Spencer’s Potluck Road Ride soon. Backed by popular demand, the route is Stevens Canyon, Redwood Gulch, Hwy 9, Skyline Blvd, Pagemill, Foothill, Stevens Canyon, Celebrate Spencer’s wedding.

Participants: Roy, Spencer, Jerry & Nancy, Romy, Rodge, Tony Fuji, Tony Madone, Cesar, John M. & Jack


MadoneLemon said...

John M, this time i got it right. 3.5 miles of sustained climb of the Old La Honda road.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Csr, what a dramatic narrative you oughta consider a sports writer position with espn...that head-to-head between Red Jersey Jack and TT Specialist JohnM is like today's Stage 13 finish with a shootout between Robbie McEwen and Cavendish with my man Cavindish (jack remember i said this guy's unstoppable) winning the stage..what a finish!!

john_m said...

you're right on the dot mr. tony lemond. up to the point of "sustained climb." whew!!!! but it was a fun route. we should do it again sometime with manny D' mountain goat. :-)