Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dangerous Driver in Calaveras


I'd like to share this to you which is take from Alto Velo Yahoo Group e-mail.

hey dave...I dont ride over there...but when the question first came out Gerald andothers were looking for ways to get this guy off the I sent it to my sister who is a deputy sheriffin monterey and she sent me back some suggestions I forwarded along...Marc

This is one of the reasons I like riding with a group.>> Btw, how often, what days & times do you guys do this Calaveras Road > ride?> And where do you guys meet for this ride? Let me know.>> -Dave Schwartz>>

Gerald....glad this seems to be working out and you are making> >progress... guess my sister the sheriff was> >right...document/ file/document/ file> >until they get tired of you and act!> >> >Marc R

Gerald Sylvester wrote:> > Hi All -> > Another update. I spoke to the Officer Heylen again. The> > driver that almost hit at least 10 of us in separate incidents all on> > Calavaras Rd. got into an accident in mid-July and had his car> > impounded. It turns out he was driving with a suspended license. On> > Wednesday I'm going to the Santa Clara Courts to pull up the driving> > history on this guy (I have his name) and get the docket number for> > his arraignment on September 2nd. The DA's office told me submit a> > letter to the DA as well as to the court record. Please start typing> > up your letters. I'll fill in the details when I get them on> > wednesday. One person filed a police report against the guy a couple> > of years ago. Please get the police report number. The more info the> > better. I'd like to get these sent in sooner rather than later so the> > DA has time to prepare. Right now I doubt the DA knows anything about> > our incidents. The DA's office said normally the DA won't attend the> > arraignment but if the DA gets a lot of letters then they will send> > someone.> > Lastly, the guy also has a black honda sedan (sorry, don't> > have the license plate number with me). I'm guessing it is about 8-10> > years old. Watch out for it on Calavaras Rd. and if it is the guy> > with the description below, call the Milpitas police.> >> > Gerald Sylvester

Hi All -> > I spoke to Officer Haylen (sp?) of the Milpitas Police> > Department. I asked him the status of the series of complaints against> > this one driver. Officer Heylen then told me the truc k was involved> > in an accident just yesterday, the truck was towed away and> > impounded. I wonder what the circumstances are. How can you find> > this out? I didn't see anything online in the SJ Mercury News about> > an accident but I'll keep my eyes out. Thanks to the *half dozen*> > people who made calls to the police about this guy.> >> > G.S.

After work on Friday June 27th, I decided to ride up Sierra Rd and> >>> down Calavaras Rd in Milpitas. Just north(magnetic) / east> >>> (logical) of the golf course and park right as Calavaras turns> >>> south, there is a 1km long dead end road with no name that runs> >>> north off of Calavaras (Lat 37.448776 Long -121.847182 on google> >>> maps). As I was descending on Calavaras a white GMC 3500 pickup> >>> truck pulled out behind me around 6:15pm. As I was descending at 75> >>> km/hr (47 mph) the pickup truck crossed the double yellow line on> >>> the rolling hills on a turn to pass me. I either felt his mirror> >>> very lightly brush my shoulder or the wind off of his mirror 'hit'> >>> into me. While passing I also heard him say "...kill.... " I'm not> >>> sure if he said, "i'm going to kill you" or "get out of the wa y> >>> before you get killed." Here's the description.> >>>> >>> I had 4 other Alto Velo members say they had run ins with this> >>> driver including one that was run off the road. They are calling up> >>> to make a report. The more, the better.> >>>> >>>> >>> GMC 3500 white> >>> License plate: 5.F-94 178 (no spaces, dashes or periods but> >>> keep them in there so it doesn't show up in a search engine)> >>> Grey mesh where the tailgate is normally.> >>> Horizontal American flag about 6" x 4" in the middle of the back> >>> window (this is illegal)> >>> white male about approximately 50, black hair, black baseball cap,> >>> mustache and beard, that day had a brown (?) and blue vert striped > shirt> >>> no passenger in the car> >>> others have seen him pull a horse trailer. I think I've seen this too.> >>> Works at a ranch up on Calavaras Rd.> >>>> >>> *Whoever has had a run in with this driver to contact the Milpitas> >>> Police Deperatment at 408.586.2401 and ask for the voice mail of> >>> Officer Armas no later than this Thursday July 3rd. Reference Police> >>> report number 08-179-195. Officer Armas gets back to work on Friday.> >>>> >>> *Stay safe.> >>>> >>> G.S.> >>> Alto Velo


MadoneLemon said...

Cesar, thanks for this info. I feel any truck doing this, should be working close by. Thanks for your vigilance.

Anonymous said...

Especially motorcyclist.. they know they can easily get away with murder.. I guess I'll start packing my nine on my next solo ride. Charlie

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Thanks for the heads-up Csr. I've encountered one guy like this who almost ran off the road just because the joker thought he could drive faster than I could pedal, which is almost always true. For the general motorist population (meaning the normal ones), there's one thing I observed about bike-car, bike-motor cycle convergences: give these guys enough of a visual queue from a far off distance visa-vie a rear-facing strobe light, and a front facing white strobe light. Whenever I use my strobes (day&night times) a car that needs to converge into the bike lane (to make a right turn) will almost always make a legal right turn with enough notification for me via his signal lights, and enough of a cushion so that he just doesn't cut in front of me. And on the oncoming traffic, cars on intersections tend to wait when they notice a flashing strobe. There's something about the pscyhe produced by signal lights/strobe lights that calms the inner nerves of would be masochists. I think it's that turf mentality - when you've got your strobe light on, or your signal light on you're telling the other guy - I acknowledge you're here on this vast (or narrow) space of aslphalt, and here I am too, let's try to coexist peacably. Of course a rear view mirror (one which I plug into my left handlebar drop) will always allow me to check out what's going on behind me.

sinielito said...

Thanks for the info. Calaveras is my backyard and I frequent these hills alone. Fortunately, I have not encountered this driver. I may have to look for alternate road rides if riding alone.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Another "Rider Beware" note - I'm quoting this from, Norcal forum, "Car Breakins Along Hwy280". It goes without saying this reminder is for anyone who uses a park&ride type lot, and leaves his/her car unattended for a substantial period of time.

(Start of quote)
Car Breakins Along Hwy280
Hi All,

This is a reminder for all riders and commuters who park their cars along 280 at Park-n-Ride lots, or along the side roads, to be wary of where you park and what you leave in your car. The Woodside area at Edgewood and Canada is particularly bad. A couple of years ago, I was stupid enough to leave stuff visible during a morning ride. Earlier this week, a friend, and several other unrelated victims had their car windows smashed. This time, there was nothing visible to the thieves. They are smashing windows and searching hatches and trunks. Please take the time to hide your belongings, and don't leave items like garage door openers or your car registration slip!
(End of quote)