Monday, September 8, 2008

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Javier Cardenas
Monday, September 08, 2008 6:09 PM
Re: 1st. Siclista Classic


Looking forward to it, count me in. Actually if there is something the weekend of Sept. 20-21, let me know.
There are 2 good 45 to 50-mile rides we can all do starting at Orinda BART. One goes north to the Carquinez Bridge, then return via Crockett - Franklin Canyon Road - Bear Creek Road. Another easier route is through Lafayette - Alamo - Danville - San Ramon then Norris Canyon - Castro Valley - Redwood - Pinehurst - back to Orinda. Orinda BART to the Mt. Diablo Summit is 27 miles, to the ranger station 22.5

Regards / Javier

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From: Rodge

Gentlemen, We expect your presence in our 1st. Siclista Classic. We are also planning to do a regular ride in your area (at least once every 2 months) We need a good 50mile ride with minimal climbing, no killer climb, maybe half way to Mt. Diablo?
Winston, please inform Edwin & Mario
Rozel please inform Rannie & Pat

Tailwind Forever


johnV said...

my fellow siclista lets do it and RIDE ON.........

kid kulaki! said...

Rodge, count me in sa 1st Siclista Classic.