Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Appreciation

To All Our Guest,

It is nice to read all the good feed backs from you but I am not the only one who deserve the compliments for the success of our 1st Siclista Classic. Gentlemen like Romy, TonyC, Cesar, Ruel, Jack, JohnV, JohnM, JoMo, BobbyG, Vill, JohnnyBoy, JojoW, Mar and Ed deserves the same compliments and equal recognitions for a job well done. They are the people behind the scene who had worked hard too. My job was only to coordinate everything. Also last but not least all the Siclista members for their generous financial contribition that make this event possible.

Success is only measured by the number of riders from TROPA, LUZVIMIN, MAHARILIKA, ROADBIKE REVIEW, TRACY RIDERS, SJBC and individuals who came to support this event.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH from Siclista California. Also thank you, RoyG, MikeV, FrancoisA, Juan and Richard for your donations.

Tailwind Forever,


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