Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cabinet Meeting 11/23/08

Venue: Chili's Restaurant Union City, CA

Honorary Atendees: Captain Rodge, OJT/Tandem Stoker Justin Ryan, Future leader Jacob Rylee, Scribe Cesar, Presided by President Romy. Jack was dismissed early for an urgent meeting with the Mission Peak hang gliders. Gonzalo & the brothers went home early.

Presidential Menu: Fried chicken & French fries, Gourmet cheeseburgers & fries, Philly cheese steak & Good Start by Nestle infant formula.

Discussions: Gear ratios, Compact vs. Standard crankset debate, Innovative ventures: carbonated water & lithium ion battery production.

The main topic is the 2008 Christmas Party. The Siclista has an abounding $180,000 (omit three zeros) to initially finance the upcoming feast. Be advised that this reserve was the remnants from the Siclista Classic funds. Like last year's event, we can have a potluck.

Suggestions: As mandated by the President, please respond w/ venue & date proposals.


johnV said...

siclista lets do again our x'mas party try to contact edlising asap to reserve the club house and we will potlock. EdLising #510-303-7385

kid kulaki! said...

set the date na agad para ma-ilagay na sa calendar para makapunta naman kaming malalayo jan ng maaga! at di ma-late yong SODA....