Sunday, November 30, 2008

30Nov08 Unscheduled Meeting

Unscheduled meeting before Nov30 Sunday ride.
Minutes of the discussions are:

1. Every ride should have a ride leader who will plan the ride, In case there is none, all participating riders should discuss a ride plan for regroup points and must reststops before the start of the ride. Mandatory: All ride must regroup at the summit of every climb, regroup at the bottom of a long descend and if the group have break apart after several miles of riding. Must reststop which means carbo load for a bonk free ride, should be halfway of the planned ride or every 15-20 miles on a long ride. Reststop should not take longer than 15 minutes after the last rider has arrived. To keep the adrenaline running high, we suggested that a coffee shop or a fastfood is enough for a quick hydration and carbo-protien load.

2. In a large group ride we suggest to break it into 2 smaller group, a brisk group and a moderate group. We must have at least a rider or two in the smaller group who knows the ride route. A ride plan with regroup point and reststop is very important to avoid riders from getting lost.

3. On the safer side. Riders should always keep a straight path all the time specially when slowing down and stopping. Always double check your rear, if you have plan to move to either side. Call out. Give a hand or arm signal if possible and always move slowly when riding to your right or to your left. Never assume that everybody heard your call or see your signal so always change lane slowly and with care. Be extra alert when riding close with each other, always scan for all potential hazard as far as your eyes can see. Always listen for vehicle coming. Our plan is to keep our ride safer.

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