Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on Dangerous Driver On Calaveras

This is just an update on a previous post Cesar had put out about the driver on Calaveras Road from

Hey All -

What I thought was going to be a go to court and see what happens has turned into a rather interesting case. So at least a dozen of us have come across this guy. He just barely missed hitting me at 47 mph and ran one other person off the road. Fortunately the person was unhurt. When you read below, if we were hurt, I doubt we'd recover any medical costs and equipment costs. In short, the guy has a $20k bench warrant. Bench warrants do not expire so the guy will turn up eventually.

Long story....A month or so ago, I went to the court house and during the recess, the guy was talking to the DA. I couldn't hear much other than the DA saying "but this is your 4th time!" in a tone that simply said "you are a first class moron." After the guy got the case delayed so he can find a lawyer which was the 2nd time he did this, I spoke to the DA. He thanked us for the number of letters he had received from the cycling community and said that he's going for an extremely stiff sentence of 45 days in the slammer. Wow.

Note: I'm adding spaces and hyphens and also spelling the name phonetically so searching for his name doesn't show up on a public websearch.

Today I went to this guys court case thinking that this would be the final time. He couldn't delay it any more. Well when there was just about no one else in the court room, the judge said to me "you must be here for the last case?" The DA interjected and said, "No, your honor, this gentlemen has a direct interest in Mr. S-h- ind-luh's case as he is a representative of a group of local cyclists who have been repeatedly harassed by Mr. S-h- ind-luh. On October 1st Mr S-h- ind-luh delayed the case to hire representation. On October 27 he delayed it again and now today he has failed to show probably because he didn't like the terms I offered him." The judge said, "What exactly was this about and what did you offer him?" The DA replied, "4th time for driving with a suspended license and no insurance and red light infraction. I offered him 45 days plus restitution. " The judge flipped some papers around and issued a bench warrant for his arrest for $20,000. At that moment, the DA turned around and said to me, "If you see him, call the police immediately. "

According to my 4 minutes of law school at the University of Wikipedia, the guy will be arrested on the spot until he posts the $20k bond as he is considered a flight risk.

Well if you come across this guy, please call the police. Milpitas Police number is 408.586.2401. Case Number is CC812763 and the PFN is DXP116.

J.E. Sch- - ind --- l- e- r
49 years old, bald head, grey goatee, approximately 5' 10", 220 pounds
white GMC 3500 pick-up truck, “dualie” (4 wheels in the back)
Horizontal American flag about 6" x 4" in the middle of the back window.
license plate 5-F-9-4- -1-- 7 8
I also saw him drive away from the court house a month ago on a black motor cycle with a black helmet.

Yesterday I went up Calavaras Road and it seemed every other car was a white truck. Go figure. None were him.

See you on the road....



Manny D ( said...

I recall about a year ago I was driving on Mission Blvd, and this white truck with the "American Flag" in the back window pops out of nowhere, engine racing with speeds of 60, 70mph (posted speed limit is 40mph). I did not catch a glimpse of the driver, but I do remember vividly the American flag pasted on the back window of his truck. It seemed like he was looking for a challenge, and I just let him go - the best thing to do when encountering such aberrations.

On a bike, I have yet to encounter him. But if I did, I'd slow down to a safe nook on the road and let this guy pass. I also think this is when a rear view mirror and a good listening ear comes in handy. You want to get your sensory warnings early on, and adjust's just not worth staying on the same road with this guy.

"The road is a place to save your butt, and the court is the place to make a point."

BobbyG said...

I had an ecounter with this guy on one of my rides going down Calaveras coming from Sierra Road. I was pushing 35+mph when he zoomed so close to me honking his horn while doing approximately 45-50 right before a curve. (Scared the crap out of me!)
I hope they find him soon and get him off the road. This guy is just reckless and a danger to anyone for that matter.

Manny D ( said...

hi B, that's scary..u think there's a way to submit your particular incident to so they can add to their list of complaints..if a rider does become a casualty visa-vie this psycho, there would already be pre-existing evidence to show there was malintent to do harm, and hopefully expedite the court proceedings.