Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where Are You?

I came this morning and you didn't show up.
I waited till 8:00 am in front of Jollibees and took off on my own.
Nobody in front of me.
Nobody in back of me.
Hmmm. Maybe you guys will be coming down the trail from what the blog said.
At the end of the trail where is everyone?
Better text the others to find out what the deal is...
We finally meet!
Hey! What happened to the Softride JohnM?
Orbea Boyz! Opps! I mean Siclista Boyz! ;)
L-R BobbyG, JohnM & Manny
While fixing a flat, I met Glenn & Sissie who are from Florida out here on business. Check out these cool 3 wheelers!
No I didn't trade my bike!

More pictures on Picassa here.

Dayum! Was supposed to meet the guys at Newark Java not Jollibees! Opps! Sorry guys my bad!
Time: 3:23
Dist: 53.61mi
Avg: 15.8mph
Cadence: 82rpm
Max: 42.3mph
AHR: 151bpm
MHR: 188bpm


JohnnyBoy said...

Freakin' no way JohnM - you got the bike!!! So tell us how you feel and how you like the new ride!!

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

john_m, yu'r officialy sworn in as member of the 'orbea boyz club', as per chairman bobbyG "orbea":-) niz bike, niz color combo, nice lines, & what a steal (08 orca, full durace, easton ckt wheels)...johnV, csar - watcha guys waiting 4..time to vote O-rbea:-)

john_m said...

bobby... your bike's story really brought a tear to my eye. it's like one of those disney movies...

i was also on my way to the RBR ride and was running late as usual. almost to java when i noticed i forgot all my stuff. good thing coz man... transitioning from a TT setup to a regular bike is no easy task. mr. manny and bobbyg fed me dust on the flats. what an intro to the orbea boyzzzz. no more cheating...

larrybarrios said...

Bobby, was that you on Dyer? I was driving there and saw a Siclista rider. Got to Jollibee, nobody there so I went to Don Edwards. I didn't see you anywhere on the road but I did catch up w/ the group near Don Edwards. We didn't meet up w/ Cesar on the ride either so looks like a lot of missed encounters. But we didn't miss lunch, that's for sure.

BobbyG said...

Larry, dat b me!

kid kulaki! said...

Congrats JohnM,
nice ride!

johnV said...

JohnM, wow nice bike tukayo,so no more excuses on GGranny Gears know i can sit back and you can pull me up at the hills what a feeling.RIDE ON

john_m said...
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john_m said...

thanks guys. i'll be happy to pull anyone up as long as they don't mind going 5mph. :-))))