Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We are Live from Sierra Road


We are set up now so come by to hang out in our dry and sheltered tent. We have BBQ and drinks (including cerveza).

I'll be back on line later to save on battery.


JohnnyBoy said...

Beef finished - check
Tequila finished - check (thanks Jack!!!!)

BBQ finished - checked

Thanks everyone for coming by and making the 'party'!

Had a great time (and still am LOL).

Please folks for those that took pics - post em.

JohnnyBoy said...


Lance twittered "Btw, sierra road is steep!"

Yeah we could have told him that huh?

He looked with the eyes when I called his name :)

Actually a lot of the racers looked - it must have been the nice smell of the BBQ or Jack's reposado.


JohnnyBoy said...

Hey did you guys see our interview on Channel 2 - that was neat to actually be on TV. The phone was off the hook includling Jerry calling. I felt like a mini TV star - sikat LOL.

kid kulaki! said...

patterson pass pics uploading in progress..... will share the link later.

Rodge said...

I was watching the news at KTVU2, on the TofC news segment, A blue tent at Sierra Rd. Yeah! I knew right away it was BobbyG's then followed by JohnnyBoy being interviewed. Man for the Siclistas you are a big star now ;) I am jealous my friend.