Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday Ride 3/21/08 LSD

Rain is anticipated this Sunday, so plan accordingly: join me, instead. In preparation for a season of competitive rides, I've started riding LSD (Long Slow Distance). In other words, it is a no hammer ride. This means train @ around 60% of your maximum heart rate with long distances. Not only that it will build endurance, but also develop slow twitch muscles that burns fat for fuel.

With this ride, I keep the stops to a minimum. I eat as I roll & don't need to rest because it is very low intensity. In addition, as much as possible, I only stop to relieve my bladder. The route is perfect for this training because it is flat. Thus far, Ed, Vil & I are in. Again this Saturday, I will do this 6hrs back by 1pm flat course:

-Meet @ Don Edwards staging area
-Roll @ 7am sharp (sorry I need to be back by 1pm)
-Cross DB (84)
-Lt University Ave
-Lt Bay Rd
-Rt Pulgas
-Lt Runnymede
-Rt Bay Area Trail that meanders thru the South Bay/Peninsula, no car traffic just hikers & cyclist alike.
-Exit Near Yuba Dr (BMW of Mountain View)
-Rt El Camino
-Lt Grant
-Rt Foothill
-Lt Page Mill
-Rt Arastradero
-Portola Loop to Canada
-U-turn @ the end of Canada
-Lt 84
-Rt Whiskey
-Then, sober up & lt Portola to Sand Hill thru Palo Alto
-Rt 84


johnV said...

im in me too need to be back as close as 12:30 the way what time we will meet and go?????

john_m said...

what? no hammering??? johnny will be miserable... JK. i'm in in in. cesar, how long is the total mileage?

Anonymous said...

We are in Ed and Rolly Lising. See you guys.

Ed Lising

johnV said...

I will meet you guys at the new parking lot and restrooms at the right hand side of the road before you reach the stop sign!!!!

JohnnyBoy said...

JohnM lol - I know you'll be miserable too. Saturday is impossible for me for the time being. Anyone have plans for Sunday anyways?

john_m said...

johnnyman... that goes for you too lol! i'd like to go with you on sunday as well except my visa is only valid once a week-end. what's your Email address again? need to ask a question.

MadoneLemon said...

I am in.

JohnnyBoy said...

I'll do something local then prolly calaveras to sunol and back. Haven't done that in a while.

Cesar said...

To answer your questions:

1) As stated in the ride details, we roll 0700hrs sharp. We can meet as early as 0645hrs. If you're running late, drive to the foot of Dumbarton Bridge. The ETA is about 0720hrs. If you're way late, meet us at the Veterans Hospital, ETA:0930hrs.

2) This is be back by 1300hrs. There are a lot of bailout points if you're in a time bind.

3) The distance is about 60-70miles.

4) JohnV that's a perfect spot to meet. Everyone, be it motorist or cyclist, should remember to halt at the stop signs; Mr. Ranger is watching you.

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

if i may add one item to that list csr, be prepared for rain or drizzle..booties, jacket, fenders, and so on. we've been having the most unpredictabl weather. btw, saturday's pretty much shot for me, kids' ccd, swimming, sat review, so u guys hav a saf ryd!!

JohnnyBoy said...

"Mr. Ranger is watching you."

Mr. Ranger almost gave BobbyG a ticket for running that stop sign at Don Edwards (towards DB Bridge).

He didn't a ticket but did get a nice tongue lashing :/.

you guys have a fun ride!

Anonymous said...

I'm in.