Monday, March 16, 2009

You da Man(ny)

Manny, great job climbing Palomares on that fixie. The weather cleared up enough Sunday afternoon so I went to go on a quick ride up Palomares and ran across Manny on the trail riding his fixie. He said what the hell, I'll follow you up see how far I can go. It's a challenging climb on my triple but you just kept hammering away to the top. And no coasting downhill either.


Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Larry, I'm totally flattered, thanks. That was a chance encounter with Mr. Larry and yes, I didn't plan to go up Palomares on a fixed (this was my first time). Larry, I appreciate you waiting on me as I slowly spun down Palomares. Let's do it again, and do join us on our fixed/single-speed rides. All folks welcome, fixed, single and geared. Best regards, M.

john_m said...

this may be his secret. i remember we went up on palomares and 5 canyons with mr manny on his cyclo-cross. but going up on palomares with a fixie? it sounds like what johnnyman said on TV for the TOC riders... they're superhuman! but i know what your kryptonite is. and i wont tell... =)

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

far from it, my dear johnM 'watson' (doctorwatson that is;) i'm the most human of all siclista's u'll ever kno - i laugh the most, cry the most, well, yes, pissed off the easiest, but here's the top reason, 'i'm human because i'm just 'me' so there's the rub, i am my own kryptonite hence the need for superstar athletes like you, Mr. JM to lead the way since you're already tops! (btw, what is that kryptonite secret..i am a sucker for pastillas de leche so i hope that's what i get sent for my bday!-) cheers!