Sunday, April 19, 2009

Primavera 2009 Pictures

Mga Siclista,

Thanks for the hangout and as usual I really enjoy your guys company! Here's some pics to share from the smoking hot day out there - nice!

Picasa Web Album for Primavera 2009


johnV said...

Thats nice you have a Good day on your tour how many participate on the siclista group and other friends...

johnV said...

oopps i forget to look at the picasa web pictures..

JohnnyBoy said...

johnv - we missed ya there.

Anyways congrats to my wife Cici on a great job. Vill was wondering why I was letting her suffer in the lead for a pretty good length of time. My only other long ride with her was about 3 weeks ago was not nearly as fast and was totally flat so I wasn't about to go up front and burn her by going too fast. She feels really good today so dang she definitely improved in that short time frame.

john_m said...

yea john v... we we're waiting for you on top of palomares. didn't you hear us screaming your name going up in 86 degree weather???

thanks johnnyman and rodge for your efforts in taking time to snap our portraits.

a lot of milestones that day... everyone knows what they've accomplished. salut!

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

"a lot of milestones that day... everyone knows what they've accomplished."

heck yeah. my first time doing that loop without unclipping at the backside of palomares. yessss. and to do it on a 19pound bike made it sweeter :)
those 2 water bottles was refilled probably 5 times since i kept on dousing my head and back to cool me off. it was probably close to 100degrees when we reached dublin canyon.
what a scorcher