Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day Ride with JohnV

JunB's 1st Calaveras Loop Ride. Martin crossed San Mateo bridge to ride with us, also BobbyG & Cici showed up to train for their Death Ride next month. Great ride.

Watch YouTube: Calaveras Ride Video


johnV said...

CHANGE OF VENUE hey guys lets just meet at Jollibee

See you guys at Pugad Lawin
21 Jun 2009 Calaveras Loop clockwise.
Meet at downtown Niles Train Station.
Requested roll time of 8AM sharp so we can get back early to celebrate Father's Day with the family.


john_m said...

ey john v... you're still there and leading the ride. nice pics/video. i'm assuming jack got a flat on top of calaveras??? i'm sure that's from going too fast on the niles (on his softride). just makes me want to jump into the monitor and ride the siclista train. ingat!

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

yup, i got a flat JM but not from hammering :)
hammer time was in mission Blvd right after 680. 'ya know, that stretch where a crack on the road always get you ;)

john_m said...

ah yes... that infamous crack. i can never forget it. :-)