Saturday, June 13, 2009

Very Flat Ride

Flat ride this Sunday for the Lising Brothers (Cameback Kids)
Meet: 14Jun09 Jollibee Roll: 8:00am 30 mi. 1 M

View Flat Ride (Recovery Ride) in a larger map for more details.


BobbyG said...

Really guys didn't mean to be rude! My intent was ride the reverse route and join up with you all. I must have missed you guys along the way so I just continued on following the route. When I got to Industrial Pkwy W, I made the mistake of continuing on Industrial Pkwy W and ended up Industrial Pkwy and Depot Road way past 92. So I doubled back then turned right on to Hesperian Blvd and headed home.
When I did run into you guys on Cushing Pkwy, I already had 40 miles done. So I just decided to continue on home. Total miles was 50. Looks like I need a Garmin 705 Garmin! ;)
Will try to get it right next time.

Rodge said...

When we saw you on the opposite direction I knew you missed us somewhere.

MadoneLemon said...

Bobby G, we did run into other riders on this ride in the opposite direction. You, john bullos, mario and Mel. A good sign that siclistas are everywhere.By the way, we all knew that you made some miles in the opposite direction.Have a good state of mine.