Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lance riding with an 8 year old.

Too cool not to post.
Due to the auto start issue, please watch the video on the provided link instead. I googled on how to set the auto start off but no dice :(
Lance ride win 8 year old Liam on top of Col du Columbiere.

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BobbyG said...

Impressive! That little kid can really climb. Wish I could climb out of the saddle like that! ;)

Manny D (www.stophhs.com) said...

That's a cutsie jack. now evryones gonna t8 their 8 year olds up palomares:-)

Rodge said...

Jack, if you can, please change the setting so video will not auto play and no offend please use our labels for grouping purposes only. You can use Lance if you think there will be more post about Lance later. like JunB, or 8 year old I doubt it. You can add post like this to the label: Video Clip. Sorry, Jack but we are trying to use common words as much as possible for labels like places, events and occasions.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

Rodge, I tried to find out how to stop the auto play but it looks looks like there is no way to turn it off. I'll just delete this post later since it gets annoying with the auto start.

Rodge said...

Jack, you don't need to delete it. I think the link will do the magic too ;D