Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Death Ride Highlights

Death Ride highlights:

• First of all, I’d like to thank BobbyG and family for campsite accommodations and the wonderful food.
• Riders were Cici, BobbyG, Anklai, Jed, Bongsta, Rich and Niel.
• We started off from the campsite to Markleville at 4:30am with lights and windbreakers.
• Anklai and Jed took off at the beginning of the first climb and I never saw them until I started my third climb and they were coming down from their fourth pass.
• Saw a couple riders on elliptical bikes and a few mountain bikes on slicks.
• The highest rider number that I’ve noticed was 3500… a lot of riders on the road.
• I have never consumed so much cyctomax, cliffbars and cliffshots in one day.
• There were a couple of accidents, one at Ebbets and one at Carson pass.
• I struggled in the first and second pass due the weight of the camelback which I was able to offload to Anklai on his way to his fifth pass. The weight change made a big difference on my next climbs, I actually passed some people up.
• Fatigue set in on the fifth climb, coupled with cold rain and strong winds made the ride more challenging and discouraging. Thought of turning back occur in my mind, but I had to dismiss it. Got to finish…one more pass…
• The descents were awesome. The views and speeds of 50+mph were exhilarating.
• Anklai was the first 5 pass finisher from our group, followed by Jed who rode with a fever. Finally, I, finished around 6:30 pm.
• BobbyG completed 4 passes only because he got too comfortable at the massage table and missed the last cutoff time.
• Cici targeted to complete 3 passes and she ended completing 4 passes…good job.
• Bongsta and Rich missed the cutoff time too probably because they started late.
• What a Ride!


bongsta said...

Congratulations to all who completed and attempted to complete the ride. Great job!

Rich and I missed the cut-off time after the 4th pass, because I cramped up badly. It took too long for me to get back to TRP.

I was so jealous to see all of the 5-pass finishers heading back to the park.

There's always next year!


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

way to go guys... and gal :) i gotta find that massage table. sounds like a very comfy one :)

Anonymous said...

Good job guys/gal!! hopefully I can try that next time.


Jed said...

Thanks for Bobby G. and his family for the hospitality. We had fun on our first Death Ride experience and we cant wait to do it again next year.

Anonymous said...

~This is Cici, John's wife. It was nice to have met you guys. Glad you were able to join us at Grover Hot Springs.

~My brother-in-law, BobG was very kind to stick with me through out the Death Ride especially during my "cramping moments" when we got to Ebbett's pass. Our goal during our training was 3 passes but I would have not done the extra pass without him.

~It was an awesome experience!

JohnnyBoy said...

Jed - great job finishing at a nice time despite the cold. And Anklai - very impressive. Did you have a sub 9 hour ride?