Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack's SNZ-Pangasinan-Bagiuo Tour

Ride started in San Narciso Zambales. Through Olongapo up to Bataan, passed Tarlac to Mangatarem Pangasinan where we spent the night. Got up the next morning and rode to Bugallon for their Fiesta. Crit race around their Plaza. Then off to La Union, up Marcos Highway to Baguio. Overnight stay at the Dangwa Tranco bus station then down Kennon Road to Manaog for another overnight stay. From Manaoag to SNZ was like a race against time and I bonked on the last uphill leading back to Olongapo. I was pretty much in a touring mode from 'gapo to SNZ on the way home since there's nothing left in the tank.
Pic shows those big knee scrapes from my "semplang" a week before this epic ride.


Rodge said...

Take note of the other riders' bikes. Mini racers designed with 24 inch wheels (only in the Philippines). I used to have one in the 70's with Shimano 600 grouppo. Partida para kay Tito Monch ;-D LOL!

RHAYWARD said...

that pic is kick ass

yeah they are on mini velos i didnt notice first time

john_m said...


20 years from now, we'll also be looking at our pics and saying... "dang! take a look at those classic carbon/titanium frames..."

but... it's not in the bike, it's in the knees with big scrape marks.

kondisyon na kondisyon!