Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank you from Luzvimin!!!

Dear Friends,

In behalf of LUZVIMIN(usa), I would like to thank everyone who came and participated in our 3rd Annual Giro d' Barkada!

We can't thank you enough but from all the nice comments and happy faces of the riders, being the host and organizer, all of our members and volunteers, we say again,THANK YOU!

We had plenty of food from all the different club who came with their favorite dishes to share with others, THANK YOU!

And for all those who brought donation for the Typhoon Ondoy victims, THANK YOU! I am coordinating with a local non -profit organization who will take care of the logistics in sending them to the affected areas in the Philippines.

THANK YOU for those who donated their old used and unwanted bicycle parts and related accessories. I will personally ship them and will have the recipient club send us a picture as proof of their receipts.

THANK YOU to those who donated parts and accessories for our raffle giveaways!

We had plenty of photographers on the road and as soon as they are developed, (hehe, uploaded pala) we will immediately inform you.

AGAIN, THANK YOU! From all of us at LUZVIMIN(usa) Racing.

Frank Gatdula


Mike said...

Heres the link to the photos courtesy of Mike Wan who was with me this morning to take photographs.

Cheers everyone! Til next time!

Mike Mercado

MadoneLemon said...

Thanks for your endeavor. it was really a nice flat pan cake ride. Also, thank you for the pictures and some solo candid shuts.