Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old & New

Poster in front of a bike shop in Greenhill Shopping Center.

Seven Lakes, San Pablo, Laguna 1988, from the collections of Nardo, one of my cycling buddies in Manila


Tony aka (Fuji) said...

ang sarap ng feeling pinas! luks lyk mayroon kapang jetlag..Njoy ka dyan.

Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

saan dito si Rogelio?

john_m said...

I think that's in Life Cycle Greenhills. But whattttta pic from the 80's!!!! :-) Fit na fit!

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Niz pics, indeed a classic 'then & now', JohnM! What's the ride itinerary .. i kno the Cap's been longing 4 laguna or manila de bay. Have fun!

john_m said...

Mr. Manny d Man.

El Capitan is gearing up for their annual Tour of Laguna this coming sunday. Unfortunately, our team is racing on the same day. But we talked briefly and swore to get together and ride with the wind behind us and tailpipes in front (hahaha). We will post pics when that happens.

Ride safe!