Tuesday, March 2, 2010

With JohnM

at The Port Taguig 23Feb10

at Sierra Madre 27Feb10


Jack Ibagbaga (also known as) Batillog said...

mukhang ang aga pa eh pawisan na si Rodge. ...and John_M, looks like you lost a lot of weight. from training and racing?

Manny D (dial@1260am) said...

Niz pics, Cap n John! para kyong nsa ibang mundo! ("the world of smiles and cycling!":)

Jack, it could be the 3-p's - padyak, putek, and pawis..dito sa stateside, we got padyak, putek but no pawis. Pati si cap napansin ko nangayayat din!

edlising said...

John M, Roger ,
Sarap ng ride natin sa Pinas. Hope we could do it too mga siclista. Looking good John and Rodge.

johnV said...

JohnM,Roger its nice seeing you guys together in pinas with your cycling friends.Roger looks like youre sweating and Johnm youre getting sunburn too much riding.may the pedal and spinning keep you guys safe out there.

john_m said...

nice pics rodge. what was that on your cyclocom... 93 degrees??? but you rode 2x more than I did and even waited 30 mins for me. ;-)

lost a little bit of weight here jack. but it's nice to be able to ride everyday. :-) training for what they call PPCL (Premier Philippine Cycling League) that host executive races (no Pro's or Ex-pros).

mr manny, john v. even with the heat, you can still see our pearly whites!

ey ed... just waiting for you and your bros to come over.

winston said...

John! musta na pre, panay panay ride mo bro, sad to hear with our bro. Romy,Nice to know you and Roger got to see each other.